Lake Diving at Saujana Putra Lake, Selangor with I-Divers

There are two types of scuba divers; one who only wants to see the beautiful things the underwater world have to offer, and then there’s the rebellious and adventurous one like me, who is curious about the mystery of the underwater world and the dark side of it.

With travel restrictions due to the Covid19 and the state of emergency is still being imposed and have no signs of being eased, there’s no way I can dive in the sea, since there’s no diveable island in the vicinity of Klang Valley. However, lakes aplenty. The only problems with lakes in Malaysia is that they’re not crystal clear, you won’t be getting pretty kelp forest views and whatnot and the visibility is severely limited. Lake diving in Malaysian lakes is a challenge even to experienced scuba divers and many dislike it.

But then again, I rather be diving in lakes with limited vis around the vicinity of Klang Valley than wait for travel restrictions to be removed and no diving at all. Sure, I can go and dive in pools, most of them are already opened, but strangely I like open water more, even if it’s limited vis. I think it’s important to keep diving so that you’ll get used to diving and keep honing your skills from your dives.

Anyway, speaking of lake diving, I recently went to lake dive again. This time around with I-Divers. I heard that they organized lake dives from a friend and I immediately got in touch with them.

Although I-Divers is a dive centre that caters to recreational divers, the dive centre is more focused in more technical side of diving; mainly Nitrox, Trimix, Public Safety Divers, Full Face Mask Specialty and Rebreathers. I had the privilege to meet some technical divers in I-Divers dive centre and they shared some insight on tech diving with me and my husband; mainly about Trimix, and Rebreather. Listening to their stories and journeys, I think it’s pretty cool. If you’re interested in technical courses, I believe I-Divers is a go to place.

Here’s sharing with you my experience diving in a yet another lake in Klang Valley; the Saujana Putra Lake, with I-Divers.

Preparing the equipment for the dive

Since this is a limited visibility dive, a diving torchlight is a must have.

Dive site map and briefing

The dive spot was merely a 3 minutes walk away from the dive centre, and my instructors and guides were all very attentive, making it a pleasant experience for both me and my husband.

Max depth we went was 15.5m, 61mins bottom time with vis about 1-2m. You can actually dive deeper than that over here at Saujana Putra Lake, up to 25m, but since I’m just an Open Water Diver with only 18m max limit, we only explored up to 16m.

Buoyancy control and focus is a must here. There are plenty of structures around and you wouldn’t wanna crash into them.

It was a good dive at the lake, with 1-2m vis, saw plenty of creatures like fish&juvenile prawns, and some structures; the ‘No Entry, Divers Only’ signboard, tukun and even a wreck.

It’s really an interesting dive despite of the low vis. I enjoyed the dive immensely.

I was informed that this particular dive site is a training ground for uniform body like Bomba and Public Safety Diver as well technical divers, but adventurous divers with Open Water Certification is welcome to try.

Limited visibility diving have it charms too, in my opinion. There’s so much to explore down there.

Diving is not all just about the pretty fishes and corals. To me, it’s all about exploring and a huge adventure. This is my second lake dive experience and I just hit 12 logged dive with this.

Unlike my first lake dive where I was really nervous, I wasn’t so nervous this time around as more or less I already know what to expect from lake diving, which is severely limited visibility. That said, I hope to do more lake diving in the nearest future. This definitely won’t be my last.

Note: In case you are curious, my first lake dive was in Empangan Semenyih in Hulu Langat. You can read more about it HERE.

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