1. eugene says: adult dating without registration

    Hey, i am so happy that i am the first one to comment in someone’s blog,, never happened to me before…. anyway, i am sure that you are coping well.

    btw,, nice to have talked to you ove the phone, and hey remember this quote, “tough times never last, but tough ladies do” and you are one of those…

    take care,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  2. claire says:

    After such a life death experience, do u feel the “fragileness” of life? wonder what would happen if we r not living now? oh gosh… what questions.. sorry Cleff.. not in my right mind these days.. it came as a shock to me after hearing from u… these few months, one after another.. but as my son said, consider it pure joy when we r facing trials, it will strengthen our faith and perseverence in God…

    Take care, my dear fren…

  3. Hika says:

    Heya Liz, hows things for ya? Currently in Vegas with my grandpappy visiting my aunt and celebrating his bday on Thursday, things here are pretty exciting, left the state of California just after the forest fires all got worse, fortunately, LA(where my grandpa lives) is not that much affected at all… Mostly in Santa Cruz and Santa Barbara… so…. haven’t heard from you for sometime after hearing the news, hoping your alright! Going to drive around the city with a friend for a while, and picking up stuffs for the bday party, hopefully I see your reply when I get back, CIAOS!

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