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I don’t really have sweet tooth and I don’t really fancy sweet pastries, but here’s recommending a caterer that does pastries, perfect for all occasion and events. Luxe To Bites is still a new name in the F&B industry in Malaysia but they offers all sorts of pastries for your gastronomic pleasure.

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You may opt to order prior serving and get them to deliver to your doorsteps or get them to bake on the spot for you. They also have occasional road shows where you can sample their pastries, freshly baked on the spot.

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Their specialty; Cronuts with assorted toppings. Now, these are no ordinary cronuts. Not the greasy variant that you usually get from your neighbourhood bakeries that leaves you feeling guilty after indulging. These cronuts are baked and not fried, mind you. Flaky on the outside and fluffy on the inside, these are irresistibly addictive on the palate.

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Apart from the regular sized cronuts, Luxe To Bites also offers Mini Cronuts for your gastronomic pleasure. Mini in size but packed quite a punch, I must say. They are as good as the regular sized ones if not better and is positively addictive. While the regular sized cronuts is great for leisurely munch over a cuppa tea or coffees during Hi-Tea, these mini cronuts is great to have on the go, or to be served as canapes at formal parties.

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Luxe To Bites also offers pastries with savoury fillings. Their signature item is these, assorted danish as well as their buttery croissants.

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Their freshly made sandwiches are good too, and being a fan of all savoury things, I definitely enjoyed these very much.

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All Luxe To Bites Pastries are made from the freshest premium ingredients and is Muslim friendly.

Interested to place your orders for these lovely pastries for your events? Looking for the perfect pastries to serve your guests for iftar or open house for the upcoming Eid? Please refer to the information below:

Luxe To Bites
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