Madame Alexander Fairy Tale Dolls

Picture courtesy of my godsister, Ms. Phang.

I’ve been going to McD religiously for the past one month. Not exactly for the food, but for these McD Happy Meal toys; Madame Alexander doll collectibles. These dolls are fairy tale characters… from left: Cinderella, Alice in Wonderland, Little Red Riding Hood and Gretel.Cute, aren’t they? They’re cute to me even though some friends thinks they look rather creepy and resembles the dolls from the horror movie Chucky. Each of them cost me Rm3.00. (But of course, I paid more than that cuz I bought them with the Happy Meals)

Alot of people laughed at me for being so childish.I’m in my twenties and yet I’m still playing with dolls?

Oh well, you can say that I’m making up for a lost childhood. My parents were not so well off back then and we almost never go to fast food joints for food. So in other words, when I was growing up, there’s no such thing as McD Happy Meals or it’s toys for me. Fast food are only for special occasions like birthdays or Christmas back then.

Can’t say I was completely deprived, though. I had a beautiful childhood where I was allowed to explore the nature and my mum and grandmum sew me dolls to play with.

Cleffairy: Do you indulge the child in you?




    • Cleffairy says:

      Yes… only 4… thank God… or else I would have to go to McD more than 4 times per week just to collect these, and my boy was telling me that he’s getting bored of McD. 🙁

  1. Isaac Tan says:

    hey this is interesting, i’ve always disregard those happy meal toys because they used to be this low quality plastic small stuffs, but these fairy tale dolls certainly looks very collectible.

    How many have you collected so far?

    ps. out of topic, but i’ve always loved Mcd’s fried chicken, much more than kfc. I guess its because it’s spicier

    • Cleffairy says:

      Usually I wun buy any of those toys from McD either… but I can’t resist these. LOL…they look really exquisite. LOL. I’ve collected them all, thank God for that, no more visits to McD for a long long time… (unless of course, they decide to put up more toys like this… lol)

      I dun really like KFC…prefers Popeyes any day to KFC…I find their fried chicken is much nicer than both McD and KFC. 😀

    • Cleffairy says:

      Me gila all these fairy tale stuff… u see my name u oredi know I’m into all these. Ooooo… doraemon ah? Quite some time ago they sell Doraemons with Happy Meal… I think in Dec? LOL… I din buy. Hahahahah!

  2. Chloe'sMummy says:

    Hey, I’m more than a decade older than you and I love collecting McD toys too hehe! Rather than buying many Happy Meals just to complete my collection, I usually just buy a sundae cone and pay RM3 for the toy. Cheaper this way plus I don’t have to eat McD until jelak :p

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