Make My Monster Grow!

WARNING: This is not your ordinary cuppa tea. It’s a spiked beverage. Consider yourselves have been forewarned, and kindly navigate away if you’re fainthearted.

*ROAR* “Make my monster grow! “*Stomp Stomp*

Does that phrase sound familiar to you kids? Nah… I think not. Kids these days are too clever to watch Power Rangers like I did. Kids these days go online to watch porn… they never did watch those crappy stuff these days. They’re pretty much advanced than those who were born in the 80s and definitely could differentiate between fantasy and reality.

Wuhhooo… I watched Power Rangers and survived! Yes… sue me, somebody, I watched that damn show where five or was it six juvenile took morphine and morph into some costumed super heroes. They go like this:

“It’s morphine time!” and poof, they transformed into some kick ass superhero using dinosaur’s name or something. *faints* Well, actually, Power Rangers didn’t take morphine to transform into costumed superhero, they just use the phrase “It’s morphine time!” to turn themselves into superhero.

No.. I’m not drunk, people. This is what happens when Cleffairy is overdosed on her tea. She goes to youtube and watch her childhood craps. Ultraman, Superman, Power Rangers, Thundercats, He-Man, Ewoks, Captain Planet…

Do you want to know a secret? I actually believed in those craps when I was younger. Yes! I actually pretended as Ultraman and Masked Rider. And my dad played along with me when I watched Thundercats, because he’s a fan too. He even used me as an excuse to go to the toy store to buy Lionel’s(from Thundercats) action figure. My dad is cool, eh?

When I was a little girl, my dad actually told me that he’s working for Ultraman, and I believed him! I even asked him to ask Ultraman to sign autograph for me back then. Thinking back, I don’t know why I was so foolish. My dad must have been snickering like some villian behind my back for my silliness.

I was a little girl who grew up in naivety, because my dad allowed me to be a child until certain age. Wait a minute! He allowed me to be his little girl til this very day. He still buys me Sailormoon and Dragonball stuff, and my mum will get scolding from him if she threw away my Doraemon toys and countless Japanese Manga series. (well, my dad have a stash of Spiderman comic somewhere in my room, I bet he’s just protecting those. It’s rather impossible that he bother to champion my Sailormoon craps, anyway.)

One thing about my dad is, he never did force me to go tuition when I was in kindergarten like kids these days. Yes, there’s such thing as tuition classes for kindergarten. They moonlight in the name of ‘Homework Guidance’ and they cost a bomb.

Children these days are poor thing. They can’t really be children because there’s so many things are expected of them. They’re expected to be competitive and ambitious, and therefore, they’re somehow deprived of their childhood. I believe, children these days attended various classes…language classes, music classes, swimming classes, you name it. They don’t get to fantasize about their childhood superheroes cuz they are told TV won’t help them in getting straight As, but those classes will.

They also never did get to play pretend or dress up because they are told to grow up. And not many children gets to play outdoors too, because they are locked in by their busy parents who are too busy to accompany them to play outdoors. Well, their parents did the right thing, of course, as it is too dangerous for children to play outside without adults supervision these days. It’s no longer the kampung days where children can play with ease as neighbours keeps a close tabs on your children’s whereabouts.

You know something, dear readers? I remember that my dad gave me piggyback rides and horsie rides when I was a toddler. I can still remember it. I also can remember me and my dad pretending as Ultraman and monster and play with each other until we get scoldings from mum, who was absolutely pissed because we used her rolling-pin and pans as our weapon when I was five.

And I still can remember my dad trying to get me to do maths by playing Monopoly when I was six.  Of course, as I grew older, there is chess game sessions too as my dad thinks that it’s a great way to sharpen my mind, and each time I managed to beat my dad in a chess game or two, I get a stuffed teddy as a reward. I still enjoy playing chess with my daddy though these days, I no longer get teddy bears as a reward for beating him in the game.

I think, I grew up like quite a normal little girl.(well, if you counted playing dress up and believing that Queen Rita from Power Rangers is real normal, that is) I was encouraged but not forced to study and excel. I was taught that learning is a lifelong journey, and not just to pass the papers or to show off to your friends who is a better student or so that your parents could boast to each other. I was taught to be honest with myself and be myself, and never let anyone take that away from me.

My dad didn’t want me to grow up too fast. He wants me to be a little girl as long as I could, and remember him as a father who doted on me and loves me dearly. He wants me to remember him as a father who is always there for me, through thick or thins.

How about you, dear readers? Do you want your children to grow up before it’s time? Can you seriously say that you won’t miss getting a hug or a kiss or two from your sons and daughters when they ‘grow up’ enough to feel embarrass to do it in front of their peers?

Anyway, for what it’s worth, I am truly blessed to be born in the 80s. Or else, I would have contemplate suicide because being the children of this era is tough!

Cleffairy: The phrase “Make my monster grow!” is usually uttered by Queen Rita, the bad guy’s big boss from Power Rangers. Each time she cackled these words, the monsters will grow and the Power Rangers will have to ride their Gundam-like robot to fight off the overgrown mob!

ps: Issit just me, or ‘Make my monster grow’ sounds rather obscene? LMAO…


  1. kenwooi says:

    i love power rangers too when i was young, and thundercats, ultraman! haha.. and also watching disneyland cartoons like lion king and so on… my, how i miss being young again..

    kids these days, they are more advanced, no doubt about that.. my little brother is so into online games.. and when i was his age, im not familiar with computers.. lol..

    if i have kids, i wish to bring them up like how i was brought up, they should enjoy the life of being a kid first =)

  2. Christopher says:

    LOL…I was like you too, fantasizing about all these stuffs especially Ultraman. I didn’t really grow till a really late age … *alamak* I was still playing by myself in my teens..haha

  3. claire says:

    u r in my eldest son’s era.. 80s… yes, power rangers then, i remember but he dint like to watch that much.. he dint climb, jump nor shriek.. hahaa.. but 2nd son did all that.. so u grew up with ultraman and power rangers? waaaa.laauuu… my time was watching 3 stooges… hahaa..
    hey, chris, u still remember what u did last time, huh…
    cleffairy, sorry, couldnt help “shouting” over to Chris.. yes, he and i were very “close” last time.. hahhaa… yesterday when we were young..

  4. eugene says:

    I remember when i was a boy,i used to play in the drain, the sand, the rock and other nasty kiddie stuff,i remember i had the privillege.

    i am a fair papa, i want my children to have the chance of being just a kid, i feel sad if they lose their childhood just because we want them to get staright As.

    I am glad that my children know that their old man gives them the time to be just kid,,,,,

    hey dear,,have a wonderful 2010, forget about 2009… take care now and luv ya

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