Make Up Kit for Travelers

Friends who knows me says I changed a lot. I’m not the person I was a year ago, and I tend to agree with their opinion. I suppose going through something that had a huge impact on me pushed me to be the woman I am today. You see, some people went through something that made them changed into a completely different person and could never be who they were before, and I happened to went through just that.

Some said I changed for the better, but some said I changed for the bad and they couldn’t even recognized me or could feel the connection with me anymore. Well, whatever their opinion is, they are right. I’m better now…and also in some ways, bad too. It depends on your own perspective. Doesn’t matter though, as I am a happier person now. I feel more comfortable with myself and feels much more liberated, regardless of people’s opinion on me.

I have more fun now and I don’t just stay in my comfort zone. I adopted traveling as a hobby and get lost very often, but as I do, I discover more and more things about myself and life in general.

If there is one thing that I learned about myself these days that I like to take photos while traveling. Read: Selfies. 🙂 I like making new memories in places that I visit and I like looking good in pictures. Therefore, I make it a point to doll up while I’m traveling. 🙂 it is not always convenient as I prefer to travel light with just my trustworthy pink backpack, but hey…I always believe that style should not go flying even when we are hitting the road.

Friends always wonder how I managed to doll up every now and then when I’m on media trips and whatnot these days.

Well, here’s my secret. 😉 ice recently quite taken to taking some beauty survival kit whenever I travel.

 photo IMG_20141116_052830_zpsbp2vuwoh.jpg

Products from Victoria Jackson’s Cosmetics. Victoria Jackson’s Beauty Diary (RM199) , Foundation Powder (RM60) and Lip Addiction (RM55).

 photo IMG_20141116_052925_zpsrir39i8o.jpg

These are the products that I have been using regularly to satisfy the vain woman in me. The foundation powder is mineral based, with SPF15. It works quite well in covering up my flaws while the lip addiction gives my lips some healthy but natural colourings. I used these whenever I go for events etc.

 photo IMG_20141116_053124_zpszxqjdfwe.jpg

But when I go travel, I omit the foundation compact powder and Lip Addiction lip colour in favour of Victoria Jackson’s Beauty Diary, the ultimate lifesaver for a vain traveler like me. It’s compact in size and could easily fit on the palm of your hand. Designed to fit your daily handbags and backpacks. It contains everything that you need for a complete make up look; foundation powder, eyeshadows pallete in a few different shades, blushers, maskara, lipstick pallete, lipliner and eyebrow pencil. Brushes and mirror is included for easy application on the go.

For the price of RM199, I’d say that this is quite a worthy investment in the long run for a vain traveler like me. Great for beginners who just started to fiddle with makeup too.

You can buy these at selected Watson’s outlet nationwide.

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