Man of Steel movie review

Nolan’s and Snyder’s fans, please get out of here. It won’t be pretty. Now, I don’t mean to sound like such a jerk, considering that I was invited for a media preview for Man of Steel by the good folks in TGV, but hell, I was practically cussing throughout the entire movie. Why? The movie is too awesome! *roll eyes* Well, awesome for an alien-ish movie that is, and I’m so, so glad that they named this movie ‘Man of Steel’ and not Superman, cuz it’s Man of Steel indeed and not Superman.

I have too much grouse on this movie, considering that I am a Superman fangirl. 🙁 Sure, the crash BOOM BANG in this Superman reboot is impressive. I’ll give that, but that’s just about it. There’s no substance whatsoever, and while Superman has always been about being inspirational, a symbol of justice and a beacon of hope, Man of Steel is nothing about that.

This movie is a waste of time if you’re looking for the traditional, before reboot Superman. If you’re looking for the romantic, inspirational Superman that you grew up with, you ought to avoid this movie like a plague cuz all you’ll get is the darker, alien-ish version of Superman. Below are my complains on the movie:

  • The man who played Superman a.k.a Clark Kent in Man of Steel is a British. Tsk. Shame on you Hollywood people. Traditionally, Superman actors are always true blue Americans. Hey, I have nothing against Brits, but come on, can’t you people follow tradition  a lil bit? He’s supposed to be an American! Farmboy if possible (Dean Cain of Lois and Clark The New Adventures of Superman fits this…American and a farmboy!) I appreciate Henry Cavill’s acting, but heck, if I’m desperate to see a Brit in a movie or something, I’d go back and watch the Tudors! (Yups, Henry acted in The Tudors!)
  • Hate the reboot storyline. No secret identity whatsoever where Lois Lane is concerned.
  • Lack of inspirational quotes and the humour? The humorous attempts in this movie is lame.
  • Clark Kent’s persona is seriously overshadowed by Kal-El, even though they made some crappy effort to show how Clark was raised in the Kent’s farm.
  • The ‘Superman’ is not very Earth friendly. You could see loads of destruction during the fight and Superman did not give a damn about it, unlike those traditional Superman who actually take more care while fighting enemies as to not damage the surroundings. It is understandable that Nolan and Snyder wanna make the CRASH BOOM BANG effect as impressive as possible, but I’m afraid the real Superman is not about going all Ultraman or Power Rangers while fighting his enemies!
  • What’s up with all the Kryptonians? Jesus, Zod looks like something that came out from a failed Alien vs. Predator movie!
  • The suits… tsk… I know Superman somehow lost his underwear after the reboot, probably because he’s no longer in a romantic relationship with Lois and no longer have the needs to show off his impressive bulge, but do you people have to make his suit looks like an armor that’s made from alien scale? Goodness! If I want to look at a Superhero with some scale as his suit, I’m better off watching Kamen Rider, now that’s more original! Seriously, the suit looks like Ultraman’s new generation suit…without the mask! 🙁 That crap gives me nightmare!
  • Lack of romance. This Superman has no genuine chemistry with Lois Lane. (Ya, ya, I know, this is a reboot and he’s not supposed to have any romantic relationship with her and whatnot, but what’s Superman without romance? It’s just another moody, PMS-ing Batman!)
  • Lois’s character has no depth in this movie, and you know what? The REAL Superman was defined not just by his alien heritage, but his relationship with Lois Lane. She defined the Superhero himself, it was notable in the comics that she’s the woman behind Superman. Plenty of superhero in Justice League wondered why he ended up married with her (before the reboot) despite the fact that she has no power whatsoever, but most noted that Lois Lane is the one that made Superman ‘Super’-moral, emotional support and all that. She’s not just your regular lost damsel in distress, mind you!
  • Perry White… is not white. Good grief, if I want to see Morpheus, I’ll just watch Matrix. What the hell is wrong with you people? Since when Perry White is supposed to look like he’s a gym junkie?

I can list a lot more things that I do not like about Man of Steel, but I’ll just stop here and just go back to watching Lois and Clark The New Adventures of Superman or Smallville.Jesus, I thought Superman Returns was bad in terms of storyline, but Man of Steel is much more worst. My conclusion is… if you like Twilight Saga’s setting and environment, you’ll definitely like Man of Steel. Enough said.

I rate this movie 1 star.


Cleffairy: You don’t need Kryptonite to kill Superman. Nolan and Snyder will do just fine.


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