Maplestory came alive!

Did you know? I’m really a big kid at heart. Nearly at the end of my 20s, I’m still hooked with anime, cute clothings and games. I love to play online games very much, and to be frank, I’m quite an addict, though not as bad as a few years back. The one game I have been really playing faithfully and religiously is Maplestory. Great game. Good way to de-stress and a wonderful way to make friends. Whenever I have time and budget for it, I would make a point to join my guild’s real life activities. Who would have known that people that I met online plays such an important role in my life? I certainly wouldn’t have guessed that a few years back.

Neway, the game I’m actively playing at the moment is celebrating it’s 8th years anniversary, and these pictures were taken in Singapore a few weeks back.

Maplers, hanging out with each other and mob’s prop.

The event is really a cool one. With just SGD19.90, you get an unlimited tour around Singapore for the whole day.

Awesome isn’t it?

I think it’s a great and fun way to get to know each other.

Hopefully next year the mobs will come to Malaysia and I’ll have my ‘weapons’ ready. 🙂

Cleffairy: This is my kinda party. Hahahaha…so….party quest anyone?



  1. Ciana says:

    What, there was a MapleStory gathering in Singapore? Wow! =D

    Used to love the game so much…. had a field day whacking the snails and king mushrooms and the slimy fellas, although MapleSEA is somewhat on the back-burner now…

    I do hope that they make a stop in Malaysia, though.

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