Matic Fest 2014

I used to sit still at home and stare at the ceiling. But not anymore. These days I’m constantly on the go and doing what I’ve always wanted to do; to see the world.

Whenever I am not traveling with my family on the weekends, I make a point to find some activities for the three of us to do together, be it indoors or outdoors. You see, our lives are really hectic. Husband is always busy with work, son with school and classes and extra curricular activities while me…I’m always busy going around attending events or traveling, so it is very important for us to spend some bonding time together.

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Spotted this flyer a couple of days ago and I realized that Matic Fest is back! I’ve attended it back in 2013 with my family and we had so much fun and now it’s making a comeback! You may want to read about it here: Fun Time with Fun With Family at Matic Fest 2013

I’m really looking forward for Matic Fest 2014. There will be loads of activities for the whole family and I wouldn’t miss it for the world. If you are looking for some fun time with family at a minimal cost, you might want to consider going too.

Matic Fest 2014 is happening from 31st October 2014-2nd November 2014. For information on Matic and event schedule, please hop over HERE

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