Medical Alert System

This is a paid post written by me for Phoenix Medical Alert System. Phoenix Medical Alert is a North American Company that provides medical alarm for elderly patients to help them maintain independence while staying at home alone.

Phoenix Medical Alert has two key mechanical components; the base unit and the personal pendent or bracelet. The base unit contains a voice amplifier allowing you to communicate with a 911 Emergency Operator from any room in your house. The medical alert also has a large emergency button. The personal device (necklace/pendant or bracelet) is the mobile button that travels with you wherever you go, whether you wear it your belt, your wrist, or around your neck. Pressing the necklace or bracelet button initiates the alarm process on the Phoenix Medical Alert system.

Emergency Ambulance

Pressing the button also activates the base medical alert unit’s voice amplifier and puts you in touch with the 911 Emergency Operator. The voice amplifier allows the operator to hear you from any room in your house; crucial for an emergency situation causing immobilization. Phoenix Medical Alert’s 911 operators differ from local emergency operators; having personal medical information on file, the operator can brief local first responders with any special health considerations.

The medical alert’s Emergency Operators can dispatch any first responders, including ambulance, police, or fire department, as well as notify your emergency contacts. They will use their extensive experience to determine the best course of action. Phoenix Medical Alert operates out of a national call center, and has the capability to coordinate with any first responders throughout the United States.

Cleffairy: I think it’s fair to give our folks their personal space and independence while keeping them safe with these emergency alarms.

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