Men who gossip…

It is a well known fact that women are verbal creature. Who can deny that women are verbal creature? Everyone knows that. Ever since the beginning of time, women’s mouth has been the source of men’s problem. Just look at Adam and Eve. Even the first man on Earth was seduced into doing things that he’s not supposed to do with his wife’s sweetened, verbal assurance and persuasion.

But it seems that time has changed things drastically. These days, not only women are verbal creatures who indulge in the pleasure of spreading false news, boastfulness and gossips, but men enjoyed it too, and now, it’s a source of a lot of women’s problems.

I’ve always been attracted to men with strong, quiet demeanor.  Men who are polite and proper in many ways. I like men who are intelligent and thinks before they speak, and does not open their mouth before thinking. In other words… I like mild mannered man who are not boastful but humble with everything that they do.

Cocky, boastful, domineering jackass who thinks highly of himself not only pissed me off, but they disgust me to no end too. It doesn’t help too if they have the old world chauvinistic tendency. These sort of men disgust me terribly that I could have sworn that I would puke on them once they open their mouth.

Yes… puke… that’s exactly how I felt when I had the misfortune to attend a child’s birthday party not long ago. It was my misfortune that I discovered the ‘mutated’ men who gossip with companions who shared the same genital shape with them while women are expected to quietly clean up after their empty cans of beer and carry out all sort heavy load of rubbish and carry ridiculously heavy chairs and tables in attempt to clean up after the mess that men made in the first place.

I have no respect for boastful, cocky and rude men who not only have no control over their tongue, but made their wives pick up after the mess that they made in the first place like some sort of submissive maid servant while they gossip merrily on bullshits that does not matter.

The ‘mutation’ must have cost their hands and legs and also the ability to be polite. Some men these days are unable to pick up things that’s heavier than 100gm. Tsk tsk tsk! What is this world coming to? Thank heavens that not all men are like this, or the world would be a very difficult place to live!

Cleffairy: I think Neanderthal men are much more gentleman than all these goons. At least Neanderthal men protects their mate and family.

Ps: Good Lord, I must be getting really old that I am not aware of these ‘new trend’.My time,  there’s finger food, balloons and musical chair instead of binging and gossiping session at children’s birthday party. My time, birthday parties is all about the kids, and not really full grown adult with fully grown pubic hairs underneath their pants.


  1. junsern says:

    true… but i think the kepo kepo mans are around since then but now they are more prominent since the age of technology coz now they got more things to talk! ehehe

      • MRC says:

        For record, never against housewives lar – Their work done very hard to quantified – & also a contribution to nation (last time even proposal that housewive contribute EPF for works done) – It’s a recognition but now it’s about gossip topic mah

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