Meow Meow wants cat insurance?

As you all probably know, I have a cat as a pet. I never consider myself as a cat kind of person, but since the unfortunate event in 2009 where my house was burnt down in fire and the cat saves my entire family from a burning house, I can safely say that I’m a cat person since then.

Meow Meow was adopted into my little family since 14th July 2009. She was merely 2 weeks old then. She was just a tiny furball, abandoned at a playground. She have litter-mates back then, but they’re all much cuter and fluffier than her and therefore, people took them home, leaving only her at the playground, meowing pitifully around. She was alone and unwanted back then. But not anymore.

My family and I love her alot. We treat her like our own precious little girl instead of just a pet. She’s spoiled with toys too. Sometimes, I would even buy her toys whenever I buy toys for my son. (Well, Meow Meow is a jealous creature. She’ll be upset each time we buy stuff for the boy and there’s nothing for her. And she’ll get sulky and started to meow pitifully)

Meow Meow is pretty smart for a house cat. She don’t pee and poo everywhere like other cats. She’s fully toilet trained. I’m not talking about the sandbox where cats usually do their ‘business’. I’m actually talking about the toilet bowl itself. Yes, she pee and poo in the toilet bowl, and when she’s done, she would jump up onto the tank and flush it down. So I really have no cleanliness issue with her. I don’t even have to clean up after her. What a blessing!

Meow Meow is  smart and cuddly and make a very good companion. She never failed to amuse me with all her silly antics. Meow Meow understood human language very well. Cats cannot talk, but Meow Meow tries to imitate us verbally. For example, if she wants my attention, she’d go ‘Meee… meee’, which is equivalence for ‘mummy’. And if she’s impatient for something, such as toilet or food, she’d go ‘Nawww, nawww’.

I love Meow Meow very much and therefore, I worry for her well being a lot when I need to travel. I don’t really like to leave her at petshop for boarding. Boarding is not only expensive, but it makes my Meow Meow all jittery and nervous. And if you don’t have a cat insurance, the petshops will not be responsible for any loss or accidents. Same goes with dogs. If your dogs is not a pet insurance dogs, the petshops will not compensate for any loss or accidents that occurred during boarding either.

It is a well known fact that most cats would prefer boarding or a pet-sitter to traveling with their owners, but not mine. My cat is always excited if we tell her that she’s going to travel with us. So I invested in a comfortable pet carrier as well as pet carrier bags, and whenever my family and I needs to go outstation, we’ll bring Meow Meow along. She’s fuss free and would say ‘Naww, naww’ if she needs to go to toilet. (Naturally, we’ll have to bring her into a public toilet and whatnot for her to do her business. She would never relieve herself in public or roadside).

Having Meow Meow in my life is really therapeutic. She knows how to calm me down when I’m upset and she’s a good listener too. It is just so nice to know that some things in this world is untainted and pure, and whatever happened, she would never betray me.

Cleffairy: Sometimes, pets are better than human. Their love for you is unconditional and they have no expectations towards you.

ps: I wonder if I should get a cat insurance Meow Meow. After all, she’s not just my pet, but my family. Getting insurance and a vet passport for her would be good, don’t you think? Some cat insurance even cover vet bills. Hmmm…


    • Cleffairy says:

      LOL… I dunno about other pets la, but to take care of this Meow is very easy… I dun even have to clean her pee and poo… just nid to feed and sayang her…and just travel wif her oni is abit mafan oni. LOL!

  1. Jeremin says:

    How you train yr meow meow toilet training? Your cat don’t mess up yr house with poo and pee and it was awesome.

    I agreed that pets are better than human. At least pets gave unconditional love to human.

    • Cleffairy says:

      I din exactly train her…she learn by watching us when she was a kitten. LOL… after she saw my son using the toilet, she refused litter box and started to use the toilet to pee and poo. LOL!

      Yes… in some ways, pets are better than human… they wun hurt us in a way that we cannot recover.

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