Mermaiding with X7 32G Bone Conduction Earphones

While I appreciate some quiet solitude, but total silence is deafening, and I hate that feeling, especially when I’m in the pool, practicing my mermaid moves. And so, I got myself a swimming earphone.

Alongside my diving mask and monofin is the X7 32G Bone Conduction Earphones. I bought it from Shopee and it’s a bluetooth wireless earphone with the rating of IPX8 waterproof.

The manufacturer claimed that it can be immersed in water at 10m for about 30 minutes without malfunctioning. So I thought it’s probably good enough for me to go mermaiding with.

Mermaiding while having my waterproof swimming earphone on. Decided not to play by rules and just go freestyle mermaiding today. #elliemermaidjourney #iamssi #wearessi #ssimermaid #mermaid filipino dating vancouver

Here’s a Tok video of yours truly mermaiding while using the X7 32G Bone Conduction Earphones. So how was it, was it a yay or a nay? Well, I have to say that for a swimming earphone under RM200, this is definitely impressive. I can duck dive and swim with it with no issues at all. I’ve dive down to a max of 4.9meters in the pool and it works great, where sound is concerned.While the earphone is a tad bigger for my head, it’s tight enough to be secured around my ears and no swimming cap is necessary to keep it in place. It also didn’t fall off when I performed back flips and whatnot, which is really great.

The sound can pretty much be on the lower volume side when you’re not underwater, but it’s super loud and clear when it’s immersed underwater, so if you ever bought this for watersports purpose, remember that sound travels 4 times faster and louder in the water, so keep the volume on low if you want a relaxing swim.

The disadvantages of this earphone is it’s vibration.The earphone’s vibration can be quite annoying but since it’s a bone conduction type, then it’s forgivable, I guess. The earphone’s default mode is bluetooth, which means you can just pair it with your phone, but bluetooth connection does not work underwater, so if you’re swimming, then simply switch it to the Mp3 memory mode. The buttons can be quite tricky to work with to switch between modes, but other than that, I have no complaints.

Function wise, the earphone is okay and easy to maintain. Battery life is pretty long too. I used it for a max 4 hours and the battery still does not deplete.

So, is this a yay or nay? Definitely a yay! Mermaiding can be quite lonely at times. Having music to listen to while practicing makes it more fun and less lonely. Highly recommended to swimmers, mermaids and yes, freedivers who are practicing in the pool.

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