MH17 and MH370

MH17 and MH370 is probably the worst thing that could have happened to Malaysia Airlines and Malaysian Aviation history. Barely four months ago Malaysia was shocked with the news where the flight MH370 went missing without a trace, the nation was put through the aviation nightmare again. This time around it is not just mind boggling like MH370, but gruesome as well.

The ill-fated MH17 was a non-hostile civilian plane, but was shot down in Ukrainian airspace on 17th July 2014. The MH17 wreckage and debris was already found. There was no survivors. And dead bodies were scattered around in such a gruesome scene. To date, no one claimed to be responsible for the unfortunate incident yet and both Russia and Ukraine is still passing the ball to each other and still playing whodudunnit game. I’ll leave the speculations and reporting to the professionals. I’m not here to speculate or write a conspiracy theory.

Initially I do not wish to write anything about this unfortunate event, but I find it difficult to stomach that friends and family are sharing the gruesome scene in the crash site; with MH17 wreckage and dead bodies so very openly on the social media.

Such action disgust me tremendously. It is bad enough that people are sharing news irresponsibly, and now sharing the pictures of dead bodies as well? That’s not only disrespectful towards the dead but also disrespectful towards the victim’s family and loved ones too! Have you got no bloody brain at all? Why can’t you have some empathy that someone out there has just lost their husband, wife, son, daughter, father, mother or relatives? How would you feel if your father or mother has just been hit to death by a truck and their limbs and
meat are scattered around on the road and some arse decided to take a video or snap a photo and upload all of the gory scene on the social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and those who saw that posting decided to share it around and consequently that indecency of a video or photo went viral?

Not a very nice thought, isn’t it? Such act is not only insensitive but disrespectful as well, and I hope all of you out there stop sharing such things. Someone out there is crying for their loss and it’s simply an inhumane thing to do to gain attention on social media that way.

Cleffairy: Karma always gets back at you. Remember that. Today it might be the time for others to grieve in humiliation and indignity, but tomorrow.. It might be one of you!


  1. donna says: ikon dating scandal

    Totally agree! Every single word.. what is the fucking point to show the world the horrible way ppl die, i just really couldnt very understand as well.. if u die die must post, can you at least make an effort by censoring them first!!! Luckily on my side none of the ppl post them in my newsfeed now. It is very sick act and very inconsiderate to post such photo moreover for the very wrong reason, to gain more traffic or more likes?? Seriously, ppl.. the world dont need that now! Super angry lo..

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