My Chips Salted Eggs Potato Chips

Malaysians has been typically crazy about all things salted eggs since the past few years. Once upon a time, I thought the heat will start to chill down after awhile, but a few years down the road, it’s proven that the madness is here to stay.


I’m not exempted from being affected by the eggie madness and while I was looking to stock up tidbits for my guests this upcoming Chinese New Year on a couple of days ago, I spotted these homemade My Chips Salted Eggs Potato Chips and decided I’d give it a go. They seems pretty interesting and promising and I thought perhaps these chips will give an exciting twist to the usual traditional tidbit offerings like peanuts and cookies.


These salted egg potato chips comes in two variant; one is the original while another one is the spicy version. They’re made from the finest potatoes and is generously flavoured with salted eggs.


MyChips Salted Eggs Potato Chips (Original) (RM23.90) tasted just like the regular potato chips, but with distinctive rich and creamy flavours that comes from the salted eggs coating. I don’t really recommend you to eat em in front of the TV, though. You’d find them magically gone before even your tv show is over.

image is definitely potato chips at a different level that it taste almost gourmet. I kinda like this one more than the regular version of it. It may claimed that it is spicy, but personally speaking, it does not sting the tongue to the point you will need to drink water in between of snacking. If I need to describe it, I’d say it’s pretty much rich and flavourful as the regular version but much more appetizing and addictive.

Wanna get some of these to munch on too? Go ahead and click or I assure you that these are simply fantastic.

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