My first book signing dinner…

*picture stolen from Mommyling*

I think July 2011 have been the most hectic but memorable month of the year for me. I went on a… *choke* honeymoon, had countless romantic dinner and quiet time with the love of my life, had tonnes of fun in places I never thought I’ll go, experienced things that I never thought that I’ll ever experience before, and most importantly, an impromptu book signing over an unplanned dinner.

Sounds like a busy month, no? Yes… busy, very busy. I barely have time to breathe, but it’s also a very blessed month for me. God have been so kind to me and has blessed me with so many things and I can’t think of asking for anything more.

Now, I know some of my friends have been asking me to sign the proof copy of the novels that I’ve given them…and I’ve been putting it off since not everyone who is close to me has received their copy of my novels yet. Don’t ask me why some of my friends haven’t receive it, but there has been a lot of issues with the Home Ministry and customs clearance…and there’s not much thing I can do but patiently wait for the issue to be resolved.

Anyway this entry is about my first book signing in public. I did not plan the event. Of course, there’s some point in the future I will want to hold a meet and greet and talk about my books and get to know my readers, but I am not exactly ready to release my novels in Malaysia for various reasons. That explains why you can’t buy it in Malaysia, and that explains why only some people have the ARC of my books too-the books are just ARC, proof copies for reviewers and advance readers. Some of it are not ready for publication yet. They are error infested and I gave them away in hope that those who received it will give me some constructive criticism and their opinions on the books.

I don’t feel like I’m ready for a meet and greet or a book signing at the moment. I don’t feel like I’m ready for a glamorous public exposure yet, I feel like I still have a lot of things to learn as an author, but my evil sisters seems to think otherwise.

It all started with an innocent conversation. I was chatting with Smallkucing‘s Mamarazzi and Mommyling where I was complaining that I’m feeling hungry and desperately need to eat(duh, I’m always hungry), and then, out of the sudden they asked me out for dinner.

And so, I went out for dinner with them, but it is one hell of a dinner. I think I’ll never forget that til the day I breathe my last. I was eating, quietly and sedately while the rest were talking with each other happily. Then, out of the sudden, Mommyling took out two of my novels and asked me to sign it for her. I was really surprised. I never thought that she’ll bring the novels out, what more ask me to sign the novels there and then.

Foolish me thought she merely wants me to take it and sign it when I reach home and give it back to her the next time I meet her like what Smallkucing’s Mamarazzi always do, but no…she did not want me to take it back home and sign it and give it back to her the next time I meet her. She wants it there and then. *FAINT*

I was stunned for a moment. That was really unexpected. But of course, I complied and sign it for her…and I thought it will be over once I sign the novels for her, but noooooo… she had to take out her camera and snap my picture while I sign the novels. *SHOCKED* She even used flash to snap my picture and people from the next table were very curious when they saw me signing the novels while Smallkucing’s Mamarazzi, Mommyling and our respective spouses cheer on. *HORRIFIED* I practically had to resist the urge to look around and register the surroundings so that it will be etched in my memory forever. >.< I was kinda flustered. Tsk. Talk about camera shy author. (How the hell I’m gonna survive my book signing ceremony in the future, I have no idea… I’m still trying to work it out.)

I don’t think I can ever recover from that little surprise Mommyling decided to cook up. I will remember it forever, because despite of the shock that it gave me, I couldn’t help but feel happy about it… not because I feel glamorous or feel like a celebrity, but I feel that someone appreciate me enough to do such a thing for me. That little surprise alone, means much more to me than a public meet and greet session and one day, when someone ask me about my first book signing experience, I’ll be quoting this one in particular.

My novels have been featured in Claire’s blog, Smallkucing’s blog as well as It might not mean much to others, but to me, it’s way better than being featured in one of the column in the mainstream newspapers. To me, any Tom Dick and Harry who have connection with the editor or journalists can have themselves featured in the newspaper, but not any Tom, Dick or Harry can be featured in their blogs, because they did it from the bottom of their hearts and asked nothing in return for writing it.

Thank you very much, ladies. Without you guys, I am no one.

Cleffairy: The best things in lives are mostly unplanned.


  1. claire says:

    aiye… never wait for me one! but then if you all wait for me, the books also turn yellow already… hahaha…
    Cleff, when u sign, i dont take photos, i record video and post up on YOUtube!! hahahaa… geng leh!

    • Cleffairy says:

      >.< Not I dowan wait for u, Claire... they all ambushed me... i oso dono Ling wants to surprise me liddat. *PENGSAN* Oh... wan take video kah? Can la, no problem la... I wear mask, ok? Wakakakakak!

  2. Twilight Man says:

    This post reminded me of Russel Lee who always wore a long dress with a cape hood to sign autographs. Finally I was invited to have coffee with Russel Lee to discuss over my book trading. It was the biggest shock to meet Russel Lee in casual attire. You must be curious by now!

    • Cleffairy says:

      Not really curious… kakaka… cuz I know a lot of authors are rather camera shy and stuff. I am one of those…I’m quite taken to wearing my cap to hide my face too these days. Worn cap indoors during dinners and events to the point people feel weird. But of course, I wear really casual around people whom i feel very comfortable with.

      Hmm… if you ever had a chance to meet Russel Lee again,do ask him where he get his hoodies. πŸ˜€ I tink I wanna buy some too. πŸ˜€

  3. Alice Law says:

    You really need to get used to public signing liao, can’t wait to get my book now and parthner Chee Yee to serbu you again!;p

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