myNews Offers Affordable Meals at Just RM1

Things have been really hectic for me these days. Keeping up with work left me not much time to indulge in proper meals can be really bad to the point that I hurt my tummy badly. READ:gastric. My doctor have been advising me to eat on time, but it’s really hard to do.

Thank God for myNews, though. This convenient store have been a real lifesaver for people like me.

myNews is not just your ordinary convenient store. Apart from the usual tidbits,it also offers to-go meal. Plainly speaking,it’s a place for busy people like me to get a fuss-free, quick and wholesome bites.

Check it out. The store offers all sorts of convenient stuff for you to buy.

Here’s grabbing my quick bites; onigiri. These may look really small, but trust me, they packed quite a punch, especially when you are hungry. Each of them are made of steamed Japanese rice and the filling are all wrapped together in a tasty and nutritious nori sheet seaweed.

There are 5 Onigiri variants that you can choose from:
– Onigiri Smoked Salmon Cream Cheese
– Onigiri Garlic Teriyaki Mayo Chicken
– Onigiri Teriyaki Salmon
– Onigiri Tuna Mayo
– Onigiri Tobiko Kani Mayo

Apart from the convenient onigiri for a quick to go meal myNews Convenient store also offers ready to eat wholesome bentos for those who wants a fresh and hot meal to warm up their tummy with. There are 5 bento variants that you can choose from:

– Spicy Belado Spaghetti
– Jumbo Chicken Cutlet Bento
– Mapo Tauhu Bento
– Salmon Salsa Bento
– Curry Laksa

Not into rice or pasta? Well, fret not. There are more than just onigiri and bentos at myNews. If you have sweet tooth, these delectable Japanese pastries baked by Maru Bakes is a must try.

They are sold for really cheap, at just from RM2.90 each.

Some stuff I usually picked for a quick bite whenever I’m in a rush.

They are really delicious and provide a quick comfort on the tummy without compromising on the nutrition. Beats having fast food for a quick meal, I reckon.

Anyway, myNews Convenient store is having a promo for Bento and Onigiri every Tuesday and Thursday throughout the month of September 2019 for their apps users for just RM1. Info as below:
Facebook :
Instagram :

So guys, what are you waiting for? Head over to myNews and grab some Bento and Onigiri for a quick bite. And if you haven’t be their member on their apps, you may download the apps HERE.

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