Love flavours more than bland food


The man of the house could no longer take spicy food due to his sensitive stomach. This is because of his eating habit. He usually skip meals and have irregular meal time while he’s at work.

Usually in his presence, I try not to cook or order something that is spicy, but being me, I can never be contented with merely bland food. Being a Penangite by blood, I love spiciness and strong flavours in my food. I love food that can excite me and tantalize my senses instead of food that’s just comforting to the tummy, even when I don’t really feel well. I’m pretty recalcitrant, huh? I don’t really watch what I eat. God, I’ll even eat KFC when I’m having a fever. LOL.

Everything goes as long as they taste nice and flavourful. Tasteless stuff is an abomination to me.

Anyway, it’s been awhile since I indulge in something really flavourful and spicy cuz my boy don’t really fancy the type of spiciness that I take…and so when I was alone one fine day, I ordered the thing that I really feel like eating; Super Spicy Curry Chicken Rice. It costs me a whopping Rm5.50, but boy, it was a very liberating experience to be able to actually eat something that I really want in a place that I have never been before as I usually have to consider these two things when ordering food when I’m dining with my husband and kid.

1) Whether or not the kid will eat the food I ordered, so that the food won’t go to waste.
2) Whether or not either of the two boys in the house will get stomach ache after eating the things I ordered. Having them sick is not something I look forward to.

The extra spicy curry chicken rice was divine and I actually sweat when I had em, By the time I’m done, there was not a single grain of rice left on the plate. 😀 The meal was awesome, and I certainly would not mind a repeated experience.

Cleffairy: Love the flavour and the spices in food. It makes my life colourful and exciting.


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