Not Relevant

‘Not relevant’. When was the first time you heard or read this phrase ‘Not relevant’? I’m not sure if your vocabs and grammar developed early and you learned about this at a very young age, but I remembered the first time I heard and read this particular phrase. It was back in 1998, the year where Malaysia hosted the Commonwealth Games, and the year where there is a huge change in Malaysian political climate. The prime minister of Malaysia then, Datuk Seri Dr. Mahathir Mohamad ( now Tun Dr.Mahathir) has just sacked his deputy, Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim for being immoral and therefore not fit to govern. Datuk Seri Anwar was allegedly accused of all sort of things; one of the accusation was sodomy.

The sacking of the deputy prime minister on 2nd September 1998 shocked the entire nation. No such thing has ever happened in the history of Malaysian politic. That was the start of a shakeable political era. The ruling political party was split into two fractions; one that takes the Prime Minister’s side, while another the  ‘ill-fated’ and ‘wrongly accused’ ‘Deputy Prime Minister’. Those who decided to believe that the Prime Minister of Malaysia was just getting rid of his deputy because he fear that the deputy will push him down from the helm then joined hands with the sacked deputy to call for a political reformation, which in my opinion, last til today. The opposition parties who has always been rather quiet on the other hand, became aggressive and vocal from that point forward.

The phrase ‘not relevant’ was often heard then. It is used very often in court hearings for Datuk Seri Anwar, and the phrase is plastered all over the mainstream news. Not relevant means no longer suitable…not related with subject/situation at hand. Now, I’m not delving into politic, as tempted as I am to do so. All I want to talk about is the word ‘not relevant’. A lot of people told me that I’ve change. They don’t really know me anymore. In some ways, I’m more ‘quiet’ now, and I carefully choose the circle that I want to mingle with.

Some people might say I’ve turned cocky and stuck up. A diva, in other words. Seriously speaking, what people think of me is none of my business. It is theirs and theirs alone. I couldn’t care, really. And although I couldn’t give a hoot about it, I must clarify that I live my life as I see right for me. None of you know how it is like to walk in my shoes.

I have reason to no longer associate with people whom I have made acquaintance with in the past. Some people…they are just uninspiring, and they don’t serve to motivate me or help me grow positively. They are no longer relevant in my life, and I find it hard to relate to them and therefore I refuse make room for them in my life anymore. Sounds shallow? Maybe. But hypocrisy is beneath me and I just want a less complicated life. Life is already complicated enough, why bother make it harder by associating yourselves with people who makes its a mission to make your life difficult?

Cleffairy: Just walk away from people who no longer inspire or motivate you. Life is too short to be miserable. Happiness is a choice. I choose to be happy and I will not settle for less.


  1. mun says:

    Yes, just be yourself. I wonder why some people just can’t get it that others don’t want to befriend them anymore. Why push it? Just accept it and be with people who wants to befriend them.

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