Oh, baby, Moo Moo me one more time!

Dear children, this is the continuation of my previous tale, entitled ” The Mighty Cow Has Spoken”. It’s been some time now since I spin the tale for you, and you must be dying to find out whether the cow finally submit to his master, Pak Dollah and apologizes to the rest of the farm animal for his degrading and obnoxious statement that only cows are supposed to reign supreme in the farm while the rest of the animals in the farm are supposed to be treated like dirt just because the mighty cow himself thinks that the rest of the animals are immigrants, and definitely have no rights in any juicy grass in Pak Dollah’s farm.

Pak Dollah is not really impressed with the fat cow’s “I am bigger than everyone, including you, master” attitude, because as a consequence of the cow’s action, other animals has been telling Pak Dollah off, and they are threatening that if Pak Dollah refused to get rid of the asshole of a cow, they will without a doubt go on rampage, destroy whatever Pak Dollah owns on his farm, and move to a new farm next door, owned by Pak Anu.

Now, Pak Dollah is really terrified with the animal’s threat. He couldn’t imagine how his farm would end up if the rest of the animal farm really did what they had threatened to do. His farm would be deserted, and he could not be a farmer anymore once the rest of the farm animals get out of his farm and serve in Pah Anu’s farm. He couldn’t let that happen now, could he? He cannot let Pak Anu cackle with joy and see his downfall now, could he? So Pak Dollah decided to do something before all of the animal really goes on incontrollable rampage and leave his farm.

Pak Dollah told the cow to apologize to the rest of farm animals before they really leave his farm and make him go bankrupt. Reluctantly, the cow held a press conference in Pak Dollah’s farm, and summons the rest of the cows who supported him to attend his press conference. Pak Dollah was pleased at this point, because he thought that the cow finally come to his senses, but boy, was he dead wrong about the cow.

Instead of apologizing and taking back his words on what he said about the sheep and the chickens that had been imported into Pak Dollah’s farm, he made another obnoxious statement, saying that the rest of the farm animals are nothing but scum and dirt and told them that the cows still reigns supreme, and he’ll do anything in his power to uphold the supremacy! In fact, it’s the sheep and the rest of the farm animals that’s supposed to kneel down and apologize to him. Wow! Such passion, such patriotism that the cow displayed.

The rest of his kind, other cows cheered in joy and delight as they listened to what their oh so high and mighty leader had said. They mooed in agreement to the mighty cow’s statement, and they went berserk and crazy as they supported their leader. Please don’t be surprised of their action, children, cows do tend to get crazy every now and then. Besides, the hand mouth and foot disease is in their blood veins. The mighty cow’s statement must have somehow activated the dormant virus inside their vein, hence, their moo moo-ish action.

And to show that they are fully backing up their mighty leader, they went to the sheep’s place and tear down the sheep leader’s portrait that is sticking on the wall. The leader of all the sheep over there was really pissed off with the cow and his supporter’s action, and so is the rest of the sheep.

The sheep are usually gentle creature, but now they are restless that they have been insulted that way by the oh so mighty cow. They are well aware of the fact that they may be weak, and far less in quantity in comparison of the cows, but they do know one thing, which is if they speak up their mind, and encourages the rest of the animal farms who are already not satisfied with Pak Dollah’s farm to leave the farm and go to Pak Anu’s farm that seems to promise more advantage to them, the rest of the animal there would definitely follow. And this would without a doubt lead to the downfall of Pak Dollah’s farm.

The sheep are actually not satisfied with Pak Dollah for some time and now the leader of the sheep is secretly grinning with joy as in actual fact, the mighty cow had given them a very good reason to leave the farm without being labeled traitor.

So, the leader of the sheep stood up before Pak Dollah, and told him that they are considering to leave the farm if Pak Dollah refused to take action on the asshole of a cow who is so full of himself. The leader of the sheep said that there’s no point staying in Pak Dollah’s farm and they have decided to cut off whatever relationship that they have in Pak Dollah’s farm and be prepared to leave the farm soon.

Pak Dollah panicked. He knew that he if did not do anything and send the mighty cow to be butchered and served the cow’s meat as curry on people’s plate, the sheep will really leave his farm, and he’ll definitely go bankrupt and can never be a rich farmer again.

So, Pak Dollah announced that he is not pleased with the mighty cow’s action, but do nothing to harm the cow yet. It seems that Pak Dollah is quite reluctant to take any action on the mighty cow, because the cow too, had huge supporter base, and if Pak Dollah make any wrong moves, he’ll get into trouble not only with the sheep, but the cows too.

From afar, one could almost hear Pah Anu’s evil cackling. Pak Anu must be smiling from ear to ear as he sees the farm animals in Pak Dollah’s farm is on rampage and absolutely uncontrollable. He knew that soon enough, the sheep will turn to him and ask for shelter in his farm, and then, he’ll definitely be the greatest farmer of all.

The thing is, children, will Pak Anu be the greatest farmer of all? Will Pak Dollah ‘s farm goes bankrupt with the absence of the group of sheep? Well, that’s one thing that you’ll have to wait to find out. So now, tuck in, have a good night sleep. We’ll continue our little tale next time.

Cleffairy: In the midsts of horrible animal rampage in Pak Dollah’s farm, one tend to wonder if the mighty cow is actually Pak Anu’s friend. Is the mighty cow Pak Anu’s friend? Did he do all this and flare species sentiments between the cows and sheep so that Pak Dollah will be destroyed eventually?


  1. mixxer dating site says: dating online japan

    Hmm… a good conspiracy theory that the mad cow is actually Pak Anu’s doing.. :). But.. really cleffy… I flipped at the name Pak Anu… LOLed so hard… you are indeed a good story teller…

  2. fergie says:

    Hi Cleff,
    You tell a great tale! Pak Anu (I was confused for a moment .. brain cells must be dying) then HAH!!! I got ya! Btw .. do you guys ever sleep? πŸ™‚

  3. cleffairy says:

    LOL… Fergie….the name suits him lah. I’m feeling a bit naughty today, hence the name Anu. Yeah, you got it right, the time is not Malaysian time. i wanted to change it, but no matter how i reset it to Malaysian time, it duzzin work. So I just leave it lorr. Anyway, tok Det go back to the farm worrr…either he’s concern for Pak Dollah’s farm or must be scared that he’ll get into hot soup once Pak Anu take over the farm. πŸ˜›

  4. AnGeL says:

    Lizzy, you shud stick to writing romance novels, your tales are getting really freaky. LOL. Animal on rampage! Pak Anu! You got me laughing!

  5. mixxer dating site says:

    Yeah.. cleffy the irony of it.. Pak Anu… but now Pak Det wants to crash the party… but Pak Det will have more credibility if he can lead a whole bunch out and form a Umno Lagi Baru party to champion “his” cause.

    Lizzy, I must agree cleffy is a great story teller par excellence.. :).

    Fergie, I sleep… very early la.. coz gotta wake up and prepare kids for school.. moreover work late every night.. life is tough… don’t know where else to change lifestyle.. but crude oil at USD102.. I really wonder if the slimy sleepy head will reduce price to 1.92!

  6. cleffairy says:

    =.= Lizzy is my name lah… πŸ˜›
    A name that i wouldn’t really want to use online. I had enuff of ‘lizard’ in real life. *sigh* Stupid Angela, why must call my name… grrrzzzzzzz.

    Hmm… the old Tok Det return to the farm…you’re right, he’s crashing the party. With the old man around, it’s a bit hard for Pak Anu to make a comeback. But will his return give assurance to the people in the farm? Since Pak Dollah is not so keen on whatever Tok Det have to say about how he manage his farm so far.

    Sigh…change lifestyle, change lifestyle, how to change lifestyle summore. We work out butt out, being paid peanuts, things are pointing to the sky even though the crude oil price has gone down. I wonder about it too, on whether the sleepyhead will lower down the price again. If he’s gonna lower it down, I speculate it’s before Raya. But if all of those froggies and cow nonsense died down, i can’t say I’m really sure that the price will be lowered at all.

  7. Calvin says:

    this pak dolah oso another one. since he is the boss over all the animals, cant he just slaughter that damn cow and hold a feast for his kampung right in front of the other cows, as a warning. got head but no balls.

    but before those baboons go over to pak anu’s farm, they have to ensure that only the females cross over and not the males. it’s because pak anu only like males…hehehe

    should add pak kentut…..the one who is the yes man to pak dolah, this one worse off, no brains no balls.

  8. cleffairy says:

    Aihh, Calvin, what to do. Pak Dollah is also scared of the mad cows out there. He obviously know that if he slaughter the cow and serve it in a kenduri, other cows will be very very angry! πŸ˜›

    Who says he no balls? Ahahaha… obviously he have leh, if not why he remarry at such a rotten age. Hmm…viagra manufacturer must be earning a lot from him! πŸ˜›

    Hi Langkau, thank you for visiting and commenting. Glad you enjoyed my ‘tales’. LOL. πŸ˜€

  9. cleffairy says:

    Haha, Malimdeman, yalah, tiba tiba pulak sakit mad cow…yalah, diorang dah asingkan ketua lembu selama 3 tahun….apalagi, pengikut lembu naik gila lah! πŸ˜›

    Hohoho, Seng….cook steak for jie…hungry leh. Don’t forget put mash potato as side dishes arr. Whahaha.

  10. cleffairy says:

    LOL, Kevin….i wonder how many sheep and chickens get squashed in the stampede. πŸ˜›

    And yeah, Bukit Bendera MUST be quarantine if not, mad cow disease sure will be spread all the way to Purtajaya. πŸ™

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