There’s only so much a body can take. You see… I’ve always hated holidays and festive season… it not only never failed to give me the melancholy feelings, but it’s rather taxing on my emotional balance and energy reserves as well. I hate holidays, especially if I don’t get to enjoy a de-stressing vacation during those periods.

Not to be such a Grinch, but I think I thrive on stability and routine. I feel very, very awkward during holidays. And I totally can understand how Rudolph felt at one point of his life.

I can handle work alot better than I can handle emotional stuff. I enjoy working more than I enjoyed sitting idle, doing nothing and just letting the precious time goes by.

It makes me feel like screaming like Ebenezer Scrooge would during Christmas. It makes me want to shout ‘Bah, humbug!’ at the top of my lungs.

Working motivates me, inspire me, and gives me a sense of achievement. Holidays and festive seasons however, gives me none of the satisfaction that I get from working. Gee, my IQ must be way higher than my EQ. I can’t seems to handle emotional and social interaction very well.

Yesterday was Chap Goh Mei (Chinese Valentines). Do you know what it means? Well, Chap Goh Mei marks the last day of Chinese new year. That means no more red packets are expected to be given out or can be taken. No more visiting relatives are expected to be done. No more overwhelming and noisy gatherings. No more tolerating small talks that intrudes your privacy, and no more facing friends of friends or relatives’ relatives.

All back to normal, I suppose. Boring, but much more comfortable and tolerable than going around like a typhoon trying to fill everyone’s expectations towards me. I can’t be happier. I feel like dancing like a Sugarplum Fairy would on Christmas eve.

I suppose I can say I feel like the Nutcracker Prince who had found her Clara? Well, maybe not a suitable description for what I’m feeling. Perhaps telling the world that I’m finally free from the clutches of the Ghost of Christmas Yet To Come is a better description. Free from horrid nightmares and the vision of the horrifying future … is a better description for it. Hallelujah, praise the good Lord!

What a relief…. I can finally sleep without loud fireworks and noises that can make me have migraine. And I suppose I can take out Ms. Muse from her closet and start to write my novel again without disruption too.

Allritey, ladies and gents, I’m off to sleep. Good night(morning), sweet dreams. Tomorrow is a brand new day… a start of something new. Gonna celebrate it by resuming what was halted to accommodate the festive season. Honestly, this bloody country has too much holidays…not quite healthy for progress and nation building, I must say.

Cleffairy: Strange enough, I find Christmas rather tolerable and inspiring. Can you spot how many Christmas characters that I’ve mention in my article?


  1. Alice Law says:

    LOL, I used to love holidays but not after I have had my own children. Imagining taking care of 2 rascals all on my own when my girl is freed from school, while my husband travels a lot!

    I only manage to spot 6 characters leh, how about you guys?!

    Happy weekend btw!

  2. Cheeyee says:

    Haha me too. Glad the festive season is finally over. I told my kids yesterday “Today is last day of CNY. So last day to play the CNY Songs. Tomorrow onwards no more CNY Songs OK? ” LOL!

  3. Alice Phua says:

    Hahaha…..festivals are not for everyone, just like mundane, routine things are not for everyone too. Everyone will get to enjoy their favourite days at some point in life.

    • Cleffairy says:

      Yes, true… some ppl like holidays, but I dun really like lo if I the holiday season is like CNY, so overwhelming, den oso very noisy. My boy oso will gv hell when listen to fireworks. 🙁

  4. Gratitude says:

    After witnessing so many incidents, I truly believe our attitudes and expectations will change as we get older. In my “huge” circle of relatives, the aunts and uncles who have been “shy” seem to wanna forger a close relationship with others. Nothing is impermanent. And family and every opportunity to gather will seem more inportant then.

    I wish you all the best. Meanitme, stay sweet ya! 😉

  5. suituapui says:

    Sorry…I was busy running around, doing this and that in KL. Didn’t have time to drop by and comment. Flew home last night…so I’m back! Had the best Chap Goh Meh dinner with Melissa and my wonderful friends. Couldn’t ask for more…

    • Cleffairy says:

      Dun worry about it, Cikgu. I would have been alarmed if I din know you’re busy with Melissa and stuff…but I knew… hahaha. Initially I wanted to join Annie for bfast/lunch with you, but I couldn’t make it that day, already booked by my in laws. Just so glad you had so much fun in KL with Annie, Bananaz and Isaac and Mandy&co. LOL.

      CNY is over, thank God. Finally I can take a bit of a breather… 😀 well… next wik… early March would be my turn… my dad is dropping by on Tues and will be in KL for a couple of days before taking off… so I guess my turn to spend time with my loved ones… 😀

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