PADI Re-Activate Session with Scuba Dobedo Divers

Diving has been taking somewhat a back seat since Ramadan 2022 and I haven’t been diving for about two months, give or take. That’s not so long, right? But I signed up for a PADI Re-Activate session with Scuba Dobedo Divers anyway.

PADI Re-Activate is a session designed for scuba divers who haven’t been diving for more than 6 months or those who would like to refresh their skills before diving again in the open waters.

I know that it’s not really necessary for me to go for this, cuz my last dive was before Ramadan started, but I take diving seriously, and I find that I rarely get to practice certain skills during fundives, and this is the perfect opportunity to do so. Plus, I have a diving trip coming up and I wanna run some checks on my equipments to see if they needed a last minute service or something and what better way to do it than having it checked in the pool, assisted by an instructor?

Here’s some of the things that we did during the PADI Re-Activate session. Originally there were only 4 compulsory skills that needed to be performed during the session but I practically asked to practice everything.

We did some written knowledge review by the poolside before proceeding with these skills in the pool:

*Equipment assembly&checks
*Regulator recovery
*Mask clearing
*Fully flooded mask clearing
*Fin pivot
*Take off the mask and putting it back on
*Dump weight and surface swim
*Out of air procedure: Share alternate air-source and ascend to the surface with buddy
*Reciprocal navigation with compass
*BCD Removal
*Deploy DSMB

Buoyancy practice with Instructor Naim

I think it’s important for us to keep revising skills that we rarely used so that we won’t go rusty. We’ll never know when we needed to do it when we’re really out diving now, wouldn’t we?

Thank you Instructor Naim, Nor Farah Linda and Faliq for your time. And thank you so much for being so accommodating to my requests and spending so much time teaching me the skills that I want to brush up on. You guys are the best. Hope to dive with you again soon.

PADI Re-Activate with Scuba Dobedo Divers is RM150 per session at UCSI Swimming Academy, Cheras.

For those who would like to sign up for courses or would like to do a refresher, you may contact Scuba Dobedo Divers on their Facebook page here:

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  1. David Tang says:

    ScubaDobedo Divers are professional & caring for our safety. Very proud to have them as my friends for my Diving Needs.
    Will highly recommend ScubaDobedo Divers to all scuba Divers if all levels…. From Open Water to Dive Masters.

    Keep Up the Great Work

    David Tang
    Golf Coach &
    Class A Master ClubMaker.

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