P.E.A.C.E- Peace

P.E.A.C.E… peace, is a commodity that is very rare and should I say, coveted in the world now. I had wanted to write something about the nonsense that’s going on in Malaysia like the flip-flop fatwa shits, or rumour about a bastard who contracted STD because of sodomy, but I could not really bring myself to do it. Not when I was aghast to see what our world has become. Are we approaching Armageddon? We may be approaching the day where our world is destroyed, but frankly speaking, I do not think that it’s an act of God that the world would be destroyed. Many ‘God’ had warned us about Armageddon in various ‘Holy Books’ that the world would be destroyed one day without fail. God was right, one day the world will die, as many other living things, but I suspect the world’s undoing got nothing to do with Him. Human themselves will be the ones who destroy their own world, with nuclear warheads, violence, pollutions and disaster that was caused by technologies and many more destructive things.

As the world grows older the more unreasonable and animalistic human had become. Violence is everywhere. What is worst, violence is an unstoppable force, where human are particularly involved begin to show their monstrous side for many different reasons and beliefs.

Human these days are not better than animals and predator. No, should I say, humans are much more worst than animals. Animals show their violent streak, attacking their enemies purely because of survival instinct, where in their world, it’s kill or be kill. In their world, it’s eat or be eaten. Animals do not have the ability to use their brain the way human does. They cannot develop technologies nor they have religion to believe in. But they protect their packs, their families and made sure that they are safe. They do not fight and kill their own kind unless their object of affection and their young are involved.

Tell me, are humans any better than animals when all human, or rather, men do these days is beat up their female counterpart just because she does not believe in what they are fighting for?

Why do we constantly need to fight for supremacy when we’re actually fragile and any form of disaster could wipe us away easily? If human are so supreme, why not challenge God himself instead of using God’s name to violate his beautiful creation. If you are so strong and supreme and think that your opinion is right and should not be questioned, by all means, go and screw God’s asshole inside out and tell Him that you are more powerful than him instead of violating your fellow human. Go then, you think you are so smart, then by all means, tell God that you are right and more powerful than him.

God created religion as a guideline for human to live in peace and harmony, so tell me again why are you using his name in vain, boasts and force others to believe in what you believe in when God himself did not descend to Earth to force people to believe in Him? Did God come down to Earth armed with M-16 or sword point to your head and demand you to believe in Him? He didn’t didn’t He? Even if He did, how many of you out there would admit that He is actually God demanding you to believe in him? I bet none. But human these days loved to play God. They love to tell others what to do and how to live their lives. Tell me, isn’t that playing God?

Some animals could remain monogamous and stay devoted to their partner. Some mate for life, and would suicide when their partner died, but some humans do not do that. They practice open relationship, lies and infidelities. And also change their sex and whatnot.

Are humans actually any better than animals? Animals do not destroy other’s nest, but human destroy buildings and kill one another(and even themselves) and instill terror just because they do not share the same skin colour or religion with them? Animals do not kill their young but human do that, and sometimes, even before their young was even born. Human call it freedom of choice. Is that freedom or ultimate cruelty?

Where is peace? Why are humans not at peace with each other when we’re actually same kind of creature? How does peace look like? When there will be peace? Who deserve to have peace? Those are the question my children and yours would be asking. Sadly, you and me will not be able to answer it as long as there are animals in human skin are roaming about in this pathetic world.

Cleffairy: We are fighting for so many lost cause. Are we not thinking of our children’s future?


  1. Garfield says:

    I believe that the word Peace in Malaysia is now means Get Pissed Off.

    I can’t see anything that resembles peaceful in our country and what I can see is those extremist is using the power they have on their hand to do what they like to do, instead of what they suppose to do.

  2. fergie says:

    Hi Cleff & Co. I don’t even dare to dream of WORLD peace when we can’t even have some peace in our own little corner of the world. If there were more people like you, Cleff, we may have a chance. Have a great weekend, one n all.

  3. cleffairy says:

    Garfield, lol, yeah, that’s the kind of ‘peace’ we get these days in Malaysia, and I’m impress, we get pissed off easily too. LOL… Parliament IS the biggest zoo in Malaysia… so many wild boar, chickens, monkeys, baboons, cows and many more! It’s a wild place out there…

    LZ… hahahaha…. yeah, both rolled into one. I’m kinda aghast with the Mumbai Massacre at the moment. 🙁

    Pete… lol… who say long? Turn on tv, Bulletin Utama there, can see so many of our cousins liao… everyday tok tok tok rubbish on tv. Oink oink here, opink oink there, moo moo here, moo moo there, like Old MacDonald’s farm!

    Aunt Iris
    … huwa, you better sleep more, Aunt Iris… 😛 Yalorr, this world where got peace wan? Even in our daily lives, peace is very hard to get. 😛 Have a nice weekend with your family, Aunt Iris. (REST WELL, U KNO?)

  4. calvin says:

    hmmm…..talking about piss, of forgot. it’s supposed to spell like p.e.a.c.e. and not p.i.s.s. or was it the other way around. there will be peace, the day when we pass on. humans are a selfish lot. never can we see another nation or for that matter another person have peace. some scumbag just cannot sleep. blardy bastards!!!!

    PEACE TO THE WORLD !!!!! NO MORE WAR !!!!! NO MORE SCUMBAGS !!!!! NO MORE ARSEHOLES !!!!!……eh, but this is malaysia. got more of them each day….malaysia boleh!!! boleh blah!!!

  5. cleffairy says:

    Wah, Calvin, your comment sound so cranky… ahahaha,but you’re so damn right lah, we can never get peace… not in the world, not in malaysia… heck not even at work. *SCREAMS*

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