Persiaran Eye on Malaysia, Malacca

Remember my road trip to Malacca? Well… I was actually backpacking with my entire family, including my cat. So all the time, Meow Meow was traveling with us too. Wherever we go, she’ll be there too, though she’s not allowed to walk by herself most of the time. LOL. Did I hear anyone say that it’s pitiful to confine her like that? Well, not that pitiful.

She did not want to walk herself, anyway. I let her out every now and then and told her to take a stroll with us, but she simply refused and went back into the carrier and only wants to peek for view thru the carrier’s window. (Yeah, she’ll complain rather vocally when we were blocking her view)

And being a smart cat she is, she refused to be out of the bag unless we put a leash on her. Even then, she is very reluctant to walk herself. Instead, she wants to be carried in her carrier.

Thank God the bag carrier was really discreet. It could easily pass as a backpack when the windows are closed. 😀 Very easy to bring her around when traveling, cuz like most toy breed dogs, she’s very discreet and quiet.

Apart from that, she’s also toilet trained. She would only do her small and big business in the toilet. So each time we go to toilet, we’ll bring her along, and she’ll pee and poo in there if she needs it. Unlike other cats… she hates to do business on the roadside. I’m not quite sure if that is a good thing or bad thing. LOL.

Neway… we went to the Persiaran Eye on Malaysia beach… the place where Eye on Melaka was before it was dismantled recently. The beach was rather secluded, and there’s not much people over there. I took off my shoes, and walked on the rocks by the beach…it reminds me so much of my schooling time. What I took for granted before… being able to walk on beach rocks every day of my life when I was in high school is a luxury that I can’t really afford now. 🙁

The tide was high when I was there, but I find it very relaxing to be there, and unlike many other beaches that I’m familiar with, Persiaran Eye on Malaysia Beach does not have the salty air quality. There’s only faint scent of salt in the sea breeze when I was there, I really wonder why…

It is interesting to note that the local government are using wind mills to harvest wind power to generate electricity for the lamp posts on the beach. Very power efficient and eco-friendly, no? 😀

I also notice that on the far east of the beach, there’s also ship docks where huge ships are being serviced.

The place was really peaceful, and it gives me a moment of serenity. 😀 Wish I could stay longer… but… my time in Malacca is limited. Next stop: Tanjung Kling.

Cleffairy: Time, you’re a thief!


  1. goldflower86 says:

    you know. i love your cat and i want to have a cat just like that. not only cat, but dog , fish, rabbit, horse… well my boyfriend put it our house in the future will turn into zoo >.<

  2. suituapui says:

    Is that an animal bag/carrier? Nice…like a backpack, like you said. Never seen one…but then again, I never drop by any pet shop. Next time, leave it with somebody…and who best to leave a kucing than a kucing? Hehehehehehe!

    • Cleffairy says:

      Yea… it it pet carrier. LOL… got ‘windows’ for ventilation and stuff. Hahahaha… before I adopt my cat, I din kno such thing exists either. LOL… saw it in petshop and since it’s on sale, beli lorr.. kekekeke.. since the cat is toilet trained, very easy to travel with her. Put her in cat hotel expensive leh… Rm15-20 per nite. Ishhhh!

      Leave with smallkucing ah? Habis the cat kena strangle. LOL. *shudder* Saw the boy hold a small kitten before in his blog, OMG, like strangling the kitten!

  3. eugene says:

    I never knew there was such a carrier like that existed, ya you can fool it to be a back pack,,, how cool to travel if you pet meow meow, but i heard now a lot restriction imposed on pets,, pet not allowed stuffs, you know.

    even in my place, most of the kopitiam will put up notice, “no pets allowed”.

    • Cleffairy says:

      Oh, there is… in fact, with various designs. Usually it’s used for toy-breed dogs like Shih Tzu, Schnauzer or Chihuahua instead of uh… street cat like mine.

      LOL… If I go outstation for a few days, I’ll travel with my pet. Yes, there’s a lot of restriction imposed on pets, especially cats and dogs,so a lot of research have to be done before traveling with pet. LOL… but then again, the bag is really discreet… pet can go incognito and not many will notice unless you ‘open the window’. LMAO.

      I wun recommend ppl to travel with their cats or dogs, unless the pet in question is fully toilet trained and know how to ‘do business’ when they’re told to.

    • Cleffairy says:

      LOL… I sayang her ma. Summore… dun hv pet sitter around my place. Usually will leave her at the petshop for boarding, but I found that it’s not so economical. 🙁 One night in the boarding will charge Rm20 and double charge for public holidays. Expensive leh. Buying the bag and bring her around is much more cheaper and convenient for me. The bag is Rm70. If boarding for a couple of days… cham liao… almost Rm100. 🙁 And summore will kena jangkit kutu from other cats. Grrr… the last time sent her to boarding, came back, so many kutu, nid me to bathe her and shampoo her for a lot of times oni recover from those kutu!

      Hmm… u wanna take Labbie outstation ah? Labbie’s a Labrador… very big size… abit susah if wanna travel wif her. Kenot hide… 🙁

    • Cleffairy says:

      Very smart. LOL… dowan to talk… each time ask her come out, she’ll hide inside the bag. Ishhh! Even when put a leash or harness on her liao, still scared to walk herself. Mebbe not familiar with the place. Usually she’s ok when we bring her to taman. Will wanna walk herself. LOL.

  4. Gratitude says:

    Wot a smart lucky cat you have. My mutt wld hv barked and made a mess of the bag hahahaha. His mind goes awol whenever we confine him or put him on a leash lolz

    Glad you had fun! ^_^

    • Cleffairy says:

      Hahaha, yeah, she’s smart for a street cat. LOL. Only will do business in toilet. never on the street. When traveling,she’ll ‘tell’ us if she needs to use the toilet. And we have to go to public toilet to accompany her to do her business. LOL.

      Your dog is not toy-breed? Or is he? I thought most toy-breeds are well bahaved…

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