Pokemon Cafe, AEON Mid Valley Kuala Lumpur

Fancy a kawaii meal time with your loved ones? A cute pop up cafe will be appearing soon, featuring themes from the highly anticipated Pokemon Sun and Moon game. Created in collaboration with the local O’Brien’s Cafe, the cafe will be featuring the main Pokemon character, Pikachu as the theme, so if you are a Pokemon fan and loves all things cute and instagrammable in your meals, the Pokemon Cafe is the place for you.

The food and drinks in Pokemon Cafe has been conceptualized and inspired by Pokemon characters and stories. Here’s sharing with you some of the highlights on their menu:

 photo IMG_20161118_200800_zpspt2yti8b.jpg

Pikachu Smiling Rice Omelette (RM29.90) is pretty much a treat for rice lovers. Malaysian fragrant yellow rice is styled into Pikachu shaped and is served with a side of potato croquette, tamago with seaweed sheet and a mug of special red curry.

Pokemon Cafe, AEON Mid Valley Kuala Lumpur: Pikachu Smiling Rice Omelette

Watch the video for explanation on Pikachu Smiling Rice Omelette.

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Battle on Pikachu! Level up with Rare Candy! (RM34.90) is pasta served with a side of beef/chicken mashed potatoes wrapped in tamago sheets and a side of quail eggs and chocolate candies. This is a pretty cute and interesting combination. Children will surely like this meal as it is not only adorable but have some candy treats too.

Pokemon Cafe AEON Mid Valley Kuala Lumpur: A Pikachu Pasta Dish

Watch the video for description on Battle on Pikachu! Level up with Rare Candy! dish.

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Let’s get together at Pokemon Cafe! Pokemon Cafe fried potato (RM29.90) is actually potato wedges and fried fishcakes printed stamped with pokemon characters on it. Great for 2 person sharing.

 photo IMG_20161118_194524_zpslzfd63qd.jpg

Pokeball Cream Puff (RM34.90) is definitely a treat for those with sweet tooth. Pikachu and pokeball shaped fruity cream puff is served with a side of crepe does not only looks well in pictures but is delicious too.

Pokemon Cafe AEON Mid Valley Kuala Lumpur: Pokeball Cream Puff

Watch the video for a description on the Pokeball Cream Puff dish.

 photo IMG_20161118_193832_zpsipibium5.jpg

Wanna get tingling? Volt Tackle Soda (RM18.90) is just the thing that you need to order from the menu. The orange soda drink is served with a mango flavoured Pikachu shaped ice popsicle and served with a side of pop in your mouth candy. Highly refreshing and recommended to those who loves to play with their food.

Overall the cafe offers a cute dining experience and is also selling original Pokemon goods and merchandises at their outlet too. Some of the merchandises is exclusive to the cafe, so if you are looking for some rare Pokemon collectible, you might want to check out this cafe.

For more information on the Pokemon Cafe, refer to the information below:

Pokemon [email protected] Tokyo AEON Mid Valley Megamall Kuala Lumpur, 1st floor AEON Mid Valley beside kids and toys department.
Pop Up period: 23rd November 2016- 28th February 2017.
Operating hours:
10am-10pm Sunday to Thursday (last order 9.15pm)
10am- 11pm Friday to Saturday (last order 10.15pm)

For latest news and ongoing promotions, visit:

Facebook: https://facebook.com/anistatokyomy/

Instagram: @anista_tokyo_my

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