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Heyya folks, remember my iTalk Whoa blog post quite some time ago? I wonder how many of you have registered to use iTalk Whoa? If you haven’t, it’s high time you register for an iTalk Whoa account HERE.

For those who are already an iTalk Whoa user, please bear with me. Today I’d like to share with you one of my most favourite iTalk Whoa function. It’s email function. I’m guilty of having too many email accounts, and therefore, iTalk Whoa is perfect for people like me… a scatterbrain who often forgets which thing is which what thing is to be done on what day.

iTalk Whoa email function allows you to to get new email from other email account such as yahoo mail, gmail or hotmail and reunite all of those email accounts into one portal. yes, that’s right. in just one portal. You even can set your office email into iTalk Whoa account by configuring it into iTalk Whoa mail setting. Isn’t that great? This way, there’s not so much hassle when you’re dealing with your multiple email account.

Besides centralizing many email account into just one portal, iTalk Whoa also have a Pushmail feature.  Pushmail feature is a feature that enables emails to be pushed to mobile. And guess what’s the best part of it? This does not only work on Blackberry mobile, but any other smart mobile phone without the need of a local client.

In other word, by using iTalk Whoa, whenever you receive emails, your emails will be instantly be pushed to your mobile, and you can read it on your mobile anytime you wishes. great for busy people who always need to be in touch with their contacts. By using iTalk Whoa, you don’t need to be afraid to miss any datelines or any important emails, cuz it’ll be redirected to your phone instantly. The iTalk Whoa Pushmail supports a number of different mobile device and users can choose the mobile device that suits them best.

You know something? iTalk Whoa is not just  for tweeting, watching youtube, adding contacts and planning events on the calender but also for checking email while you are traveling.

In this hi-tech era, people make use of the mobile device for both business and personal reasons, setting up iTalk Whoa mail to forward email to a mobile device is an efficient way to keep track of office and personal activities or information.

Are you an iTalk user and don’t know how to set the Pushmail function? Here’s how you do it:

To create rules for receiving notification, log in to your iTalk Whoa account, then go to PushMail Settings > Create your preferred account (YAHOO, HOTMAIL, Gmail, Google apps, etc). It’s as easy as ABC and 123, and after configuring it, you’re all set to receive your email on your mobile. 😀 Convenient, isn’t it?

Cleffairy: Life’s like WHOA!


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