QAD Streetwear Hits The Street for Greater Good

How many people in the fashion industry would hit literally hit the street for a better good? Not many, I guess. Most fundraising for the underprivileged usually adopts hotels or classy venues where the donors would be from VVIPs with plenty of flashy publicity around, but for Qif Alvarez, the designer who is the maestro of the QAD Streetwear label, charity begins at home and on the street, literally.

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Just last week, Qif Alvarez hosted a gathering of models, make up artists and photographers for a charity photoshoot literally on the street where profits from his t-shirts sales were channeled to Rumah Anak Yatim Baitul Sakinah As Sharif, Selangor.

 photo received_1079005545452942_zpstqbsaqxs.jpeg

Picture taken underneath Jelatek LRT Station, model and photographer in action spotted.

 photo received_1079005495452947_zpszdn2c4wo.jpeg

Models who were involved in the charity photoshoot.

 photo 20160305_164104_zpsneiiyldp.jpg

And here’s Qif Alvarez, the talented designer who came up with the street wear design, donning his own creation. Simple daily street clothing made to look outstanding by skillfully shredding the fabrics in creative patterns, the collections is bold and out of ordinary.

If you are looking forward to find out more about upcoming charity photoshoot or even make some purchase, just refer to the information below:

Qif Alvarez on instagram: @Qif.Alvarez_design
Email: [email protected]
FB page QAD
Whatapps: 01123588940

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