Ramadan Buffet 2017: Streat Thai, Jaya One Petaling Jaya

If you have been following me on my social media platforms, you’d notice that I love everything Thai; their culture, beautiful tourists attractions, their Lakorns and of course, their delicious food.

Living in Malaysia where the country is pretty much a global village and is opened to international food culture, we are of course spoiled for choices when it comes to Thai food. There are plenty of Thai restaurants around, but if you are looking for those serving really authentic Thai food? Not that many, I must say.

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But lucky me though, there’s a few in Klang Valley that serves authentic Thai food and doesn’t actually cost a bomb. Here’s one; STREAT Thai at Jaya One, Petaling Jaya. I’ve written about them HERE about a month back and during my recent revisit, I discovered that apart from the Thai steet food fare that they usually offer, STREAT Thai will be offering a wide array of dishes specially catered for their Ramadan Buffet throughout Ramadan 2017 for all its diners.

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STREAT Thai be serving more than 60 dish items for their Ramadan buffet. Some of the items they will be serving is not on their regular menu. Definitely great for those who wants something different than the usual Malay delicacies for breaking fast, I must say and here’s highlighting some of the items they will be serving this coming Ramadan:

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Assorted soup and curries. Their curries are very hot and spicy but if you are looking for something light and comforting, opt for their soup instead. They are very comforting and appetizing.

 photo IMG_5500_zpsuqqfjaac.jpg

Wrapped cabbage soup

 photo IMG_5501_zpsi6ne7mkx.jpg

Tomyam goong

 photo IMG_5498_zpsfcdgrlau.jpg

Chicken soup

 photo IMG_5436_zps2eyapcyg.jpg

Tomyam fishball soup

 photo IMG_5359_zpsbkytfjyy.jpg

Thai Green curry

 photo IMG_5363_zpsildmpfdk.jpg

Thai Red curry

 photo PhotoGrid_1494655429289_zpsde0cgixv.jpg

Hot dishes to go with rice aplenty.

 photo PhotoGrid_1494656163676_zpsaw5vfici.jpg

Vegetable dishes for those who must have fibre in their meals.

 photo PhotoGrid_1494656538825_zpsw92liupc.jpg

Assorted Thai Style Salads. These are highly flavourful and appetizing.

 photo IMG_5383_zpsi5oqxhn7.jpg

Mango Salad

 photo IMG_5414_zpscbsrujdg.jpg

Papaya Salad

 photo IMG_5419_zpsztrk6jbk.jpg

Fried Egg Salad

 photo IMG_5424_zpsy1yn7qtk.jpg

Beef with Herbs

 photo IMG_5432_zpsjhki0odp.jpg

Fresh raw veggies to go with spicy sambal

 photo IMG_5369_zpsikvylr0f.jpg

Assorted skewered and BBQ items for those who wants to nibble.

 photo IMG_5378_zps1wjkz1xv.jpg

Skewered chicken sausage

 photo IMG_5396_zpsipr1ical.jpg

Skewered beef

 photo IMG_5405_zpskfzndjgj.jpg

Skewered fishballs

 photo IMG_5386_zpsks950lip.jpg

Skewered BBQ chicken balls

 photo IMG_5408_zpsxdezrrcy.jpg

Spicy Fishcakes

 photo IMG_5400_zps7q8jg5zr.jpg

Hor Mok Fish

 photo IMG_5440_zpsp8hgeowi.jpg

BBQ Chicken

 photo IMG_5445_zpsjnhaxn7q.jpg

Grilled squid

 photo IMG_5448_zpsfrky9y6n.jpg

Sirloin steak

 photo IMG_5491_zpsdgmt5clo.jpg

Sweet dessert counter offers popular Thai traditional desserts. These are actually hot items in the buffet and I would suggest you to take these at the beginning of your meals instead of finishing your meals beforehand before considering to sample some of these. It would have been gone by the time you finish your meal, and it would be such a regrettable thing as these are to die for.

 photo IMG_5496_zpsgzqqigej.jpg

Coconut jellies

 photo IMG_5493_zpsfqnkimts.jpg

Mango sticky rice

Overall, STREAT Thai is highly recommended if you are looking for a Ramadan Buffet that not only offer a wide variety of delicious food but gives value to your money as well.

For more information, please refer to the details below:

Promotion Start booking 7 days in Advance: RM39.90++
Normal Price : RM49.90++ (Children 6 to 12 RM 19.90++)

Every day : 7 PM-9:30 PM

(Jaya One) 100-G.001 The School
No.72A Jalan Universiti, Petaling Jaya
46200 Selangor, Malaysia

Facebook: www.facebook.com/streatthai
Instagram: www.instagram.com/streatthai
Website: www.eatatstreat.com


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