These are the pictures taken during my recent trip to Thai Fair in Jalan Genting Klang. Thought I’d share the pictures with you. I’m kinda broke, so I didn’t buy anything from there, except for having the laksa tomyum they sell there. Please pardon ameteurish photography skill. I’m new at this. The fair have quite alot of interesting things to offer, ranging from dirt cheap to expensive. And please don’t steal my pictures. If you want to use them, kindly let me know.

I saw these lamps hanging around in their food stall, and I thought it’s pretty nice, Don’t you? It’s made out of bamboo, and made quite a unique decoration for the stall.

And then there’s a lingeries store. They’re kinda cheap in comparison to what we see in local supermarket. Price ranging from RM10 to RM45, depending on which kind of fabric and design. Quite fine quality, I must say. But whether they are comfortable or not, I don’t know but I think it could definitely serve their purpose to lure men into women’s bed. The owner of this partcular store was very friendly. She allowed me to take photos of her shop, and even told me that if I want to buy her products, she can give me discounts.

Woman’s underwear sold at a cheap price- Rm 4 per undies, and Rm10 for 3 piece of the garment. If you’re thick skinned anough, you can ask for price reduction, and the store owner will gladly lower down the price for you. All you need to do is show them a welfare face, haha. Anyway, if you must kno, you can negotiate the price in most of the store there, just like a regular nightmarket.

And then there’s a cute piece of G-string underwear. I doubt it’s comfortable to wear though.

These, are fancy rings. Some of the designs are quite professionally done. I was quite impressed with their creativity. Sigghhh if only real gold and platinum rings are as cheap as RM5.

Cute necklace to go with fancy clothing. These stuff, cost less than RM10.


Colourful bandanas, anyone?

 What’s this, what’s this? Acessories or fancy curtains? I’m not so sure. LOL.

Wow, and now I know why some Siamese girls can afford to be heavily coloured. Their make ups are dirt cheap. Not even Rm 5 per item. Hmm, I wonder if these make up contains dangerous chemicals?

This is one of my favourite store at the Thai Fair. Tidbits corner. Their tidbits are scrumptious,especially their sweetened fried anchovies. I planned on stocking on em soon. Most of the items here are sold in RM4 per packet, and if you buy 3, you can get them for RM10.

And then there’s a woodcraft and souvenir shop. Oh, boy, the lady who owns this shop sure is cranky. She was not really pleased when I took pictures of the items she sold there. Sigh. But then again, I’m abit thick skinned. I pretended that I didn’t know that she’s not so happy with me flashing around with my camera and go ahead taking a few shots and leave as soon as possible anyway.

This is a buddha carving on a piece of marble. Nice, isn’t it? Makes a good piece of decoration on a wall.

Here’s another one. It’s RM89, and the Buddha’s hair is coated with gold paint.

This piece was placed at a far corner of the store, and yet, it managed to catch my attention. The golden Buddha was carefully carved on a piece of wood shaped like a leaf. I bet they sell alot of these in Ankor Watt, Thailand. I was told that this is a replica of an atifact found in Ankor Watt.

And what is Thailand without their elaphants.

Beautifully and elaborately carved piece of wood in floral theme. I wonder how long did the artist take to complete this piece?

This picture is one of my favourite. It’s a picture of windchimes sold at the woodcraft shop. It’s caved out of many cute themes, and suitable for people who fancy cute and childish items.

This statue was tied on a pole. Pretty, isn’t she? I nicknamed her Sawadee, because she had her hands clasps together as if she’s greeting the people “Sawadeekap”.

Oh, well all good things must come to end, and I’m out of picture to share. Anyway, I felt really good being able to see things and not spend on any of the items there. Bye bye Sawadee, til we meet again next time.


  1. cleffairy says: best opening lines online dating

    Haha, yea, i tried em, and got addicted. I kept going back there for their tidbits. Can’t help it =.= They’re, crunchy and sweet and goes very very well with movies! Whahaha! Their tomyum and mango salads are good too. LOL

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