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I’m a busy woman. Busy and have quite a screwed up diet. Skipping breakfast, lunch and dinner is a norm to me. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not bulimic or anything. I like food. Love food, actually, but most of the time, my son and husband is not always around for a sit down meal on working days. I just hate to cook and eat on my own. It is just so sad and a lonely. Plus, it usually takes longer to cook than to eat on daily basis.

I just hate to go through all the hassle of cooking and cleaning just so that I could eat on my own, so I rather just eat out most of the time and only cook when all of my family members are at home for a sit down meal. I believe cooking is something that should be leisurely enjoyed and shouldn’t be a chore.

Unfortunately for me, eating out is not only costly, but can be unhealthy too. My friend Jane, knowing my nasty habit of not eating well daily got quite concerned about my well being and introduced me to a food delivery/ catering service known as; an online food platform for ordering tasty and affordable meals from top chefs.

Shogun2U makes it easier for people with busy work schedules, adventurous palates with household budgets by ordering meals online. I’m usually skeptical about food delivery services as I have pretty bad experience with most of them, but as of writing, I have ordered 4 times in a span of one week from Shogun2u. That alone says a lot, don’t you think?

Right now Shogun2u only deliver meals to certain areas in Klang Valley, and here’s a little tutorial on how to place an order from Shogun2u.

 photo Screenshot_2015-10-05-19-53-09_zpswirbqynb.png

First of all, go to Shogun2u website and register and account. Do keep in mind that registered users gets more privileges like free delivery and such.

 photo IMG_20151010_053243.jpg_zpseblcrxzs.png

Once registered and logged in, choose your delivery area.

 photo IMG_20151010_054343.jpg_zpsiuya2flx.png

Choosing delivery area will enable you to place order.

 photo Screenshot_2015-10-05-19-55-14_zps6ns1osto.png

To place an order, simply click on their sidebar and choose whatever item from the menu that you want to order. If you are looking for fast food, you will be sorely disappointed as they only offer nutritious and balanced meals for delivery.

 photo Screenshot_2015-10-05-19-57-00_zpskztxu3na.png

Click add on the item and it will be included in your shopping cart.

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This is how it will look like in your cart. To order more than once, close the cart and just click again on the menu to the amount that you desired.

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Remember to double check your order at the shopping cart before you check out and confirm your order. You may also choose your delivery time according to your own convenience. Shogun2u makes meal planning possible as you could place meal order ahead of time.

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Remember to insert any promo discouny code that is usually available at the main site to get extra value for your money before confirming your order and making payment. You may choose cash on delivery or online payment via MOL portal. Once done, just sit back and relax and wait for your rider to deliver the food to your doorstep.

 photo Screenshot_2015-10-05-13-51-28_zpsnkq1ftgl.png

Live customer support is available via chat. All you need to do is just launch the chat and enter the chatroom if you have any questions regarding your orders.

 photo DSCN7650_zpsm9ee7wta_edit_1444059504845_zpssqqkxefc.jpg

Delivery time stated is usually 1 hour or 1 hour 30minutes during rainy or peak hour, but according to my experience, the rider usually arrives within 30-45mins. Out of 4 times of delivery, two times was early. The riders are usually friendly and very polite. Upon arrival, they will hand over your order and you may check the items you ordered before making payment if you opt for cash on delivery.

 photo DSCN7653_zpssjweeswz_edit_1444060323551_zpsxw2jtmfp.jpg

Here’s what I ordered for the first time: Yakiniku Bento set, Gyoza, extra Japanese rice and Miso Soup.

 photo DSCN7655_zpsagffojjw_edit_1444060373929_zpsfnh06php.jpg

For a food delivery service, Shogun2u definitely exceeds my expectations. The food was still warm upon arrivals and was still fresh. The portion was hugely satisfying. One set of this is more than enough for two pax. Tastewise, the food was okay too, so yes. I approve this delivery service.

So if you are a busy person like me or needs some time out from the kitchen, you may want to order from Shogun2u. They currently have a 40% off promotion ongoing til 15 October 2015. For more updates and information, hop over to


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