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I enjoy shopping immensely. The world feels like a better place each time I go shopping. Spoken like a true shopaholic, no? Yes. I enjoy shopping, but I have to plan my budget properly as I have loads of commitments and not to mention that time is not always the luxury that I have.

I’ll be traveling again pretty soon, and I have yet to buy stuff that I need for the getaway. Time simply does not permit me to indulge in any shopping, but lucky for me, there’s always ezbuy.

Have you heard about Taobao? Well, Taobao is a China based online shopping website that offers goods at a very cheap price. Basically the entire site is in Chinese and it can be very confusing to buy items from there, especially if you do not read any Chinese. There’s a trick to making items offered by that site; which is via ezbuy. ezbuy is an Online Shopping portal that has linked offers from Taobao. And the best part? It is in English. So, no more confusing and frustrating shopping experience whenever you want to make a purchase.

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ezbuy will spoil you rotten. There are just so many things you will want to buy from there. From clothings, accessories, gadgets and furniture. Yes. That’s right, you can even buy furnitures from ezbuy if you want. ezbuy not only offers wide range of items from Taibao for your shopping pleasure, but also gives the best price to all of its shoppers.

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It has the lowest shipping rate around, which is RM4.50/500g and no agent fee.

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ezbuy offers Super Sales up to 70% off.

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With new arrivals every Wednesday.

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And 3 with rounds of flash deals daily, it is definitely too hard to resist, especially for a shopaholic like me. The best part? Everything is just so affordable.

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So I decided to buy some stuff, and have been eyeing on this particular bag along with some other items in ezbuy. But apparently shipping fees can be quite crazy considering that the items are not from Malaysia. They are mostly from China, USA, and Taiwan, and some of the items that I added in the cart are pretty much heavy, making the shipping fees quite expensive.

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Luckily for me, there’s an option for PRIME, which offers only RM8.80 for all types of items delivery, so you won’t have to worry about the shipping cost whenever you buy stuff from here.

PRIME is offered yearly at RM188, but if you don’t want to make such commitment yet but wants to enjoy the benefit of it, simply sign up for the one month trial, which is just RM18.80. Awesome, isn’t it? For every purchase you will need to just pay RM8.80. Buying in bulk will certainly gives more value to it, that’s for sure.

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Check this out. All these and the shipping is just RM8.80. How cool is that? I practically saved RM322.20 worth of delivery charges. And it is no small amount indeed.

Things you need to know about PRIME subscription:

*Unlimited items delivery, even the heavy ones. Just click on the PRIME logo and you will be exempted from paying expensive deliveries fees. Yes. It includes heavy items, in case you are wondering.

*Fast shipping duration. PRIME guarantees fast delivery. However, credit and voucher codes cannot be used to reduce delivery charges if you buy goods under PRIME.

* 4% agent fee (booking process including the parcel, packaging, imported document) is waived.

* PRIME members are insured with free insurance up to RM2,000, so if your stuff is lost during delivery, or received in a state of disrepair, you will be compensated for your loss.

Note: PRIME membership is not returnable or transferable.

Wanna shop in ezbuy without being charged loads for the shipping fees? Well then, just sign up for PRIME MEMBERSHIP and shop til you drop.

ezbuy is having a huge sale right now and if you haven’t start getting your hands on all the goods yet, I suggest you to hop over to ezbuy right now. Register here and get RM15 ezbuy voucher and 15% off shipping fee when you use the code – ezsh15.

Now, go help yourselves with the goodies while I go and shop a little bit more at ezbuy.

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