Angels and Demons/ Dan Brown e-books giveaways

No, I am not going to the goddamn cinema to join in the ‘fun’ you people are going to do. Cinema sucks, full of assholes and full of people who are sometimes rude, selfish and not to mention bitches and bastards who camwhore and PDA around shamelessly. Not that I’m green with envy of their assets, but I find mingling with the crowds unbearable.

Cinema is a terrible experience for me. I would most likely fall asleep rather than try to comprehend what the movie is all about. So if you guys wanna hoo hah at the cinema just because the others are doing the same thing, then I hope you guys enjoy yourself. It’s just not my cuppa tea.

I would try to bear going to the cinema for a great movie, but then again the kind of movie that I hate most is the kind that’s usually adapted from novels/comics. Most of the time Hollywood do not do justice to the novels in question. Let’s just look at the upcoming Angels and Demons by Dan brown that will be released as a movie.

Let’s get the goddamn fact straight… first of all, Angels and Demons is actually supposed to be the PREQUEL of The Da Vinci Code, not the sequel. But the fucking Hollywood fellers thought it would be more marketable if they modify and nip and tuck here and there a lil bit and make the movie a sequel instead as most people read The Da Vinci Code that’s a hit in the book selling history first than Angels and Demons. This only proves that the timeline of the movie has been altered accordingly, and therefore, the ‘masterpiece’ that the Hollywood people produce is no longer the original piece of work.

I do hope that Hollywood could stop spoiling the work of authors all around the world. Just look at Dragonball Revolution. It’s a complete disaster! Twilight/ Twilight Saga that’s written by Stephanie Meyer that was anticipated by female population was also a complete horror! Holloywood made a crap out of it… except the lead was a pretty boy.

I’ve watched the Da Vinci Code a couple of years ago, and was completely disappointed and I highly doubt that the so called ‘sequel’ to Da Vinci Code will be passable, at least for me. It breaks my heart to actually be forced to accept the fact that while the novel is a page turner, the movie adaptation is as effective as a good sleeping pills.

Anyway, kindly leave your email or email me personally at [email protected] for Dan Brown’s e-books. I would gladly mail them to you for your reading pleasure. I recommend you to read the novel first before watching the movie itself. I am sure that you’ll agree with me that movies does not necessarily do justice to the novel.

Here’s what I have in my collection, kindly email me and state which e-book you would like me to mail to you. Do take note that the ebooks are in pdf format, and you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to open them.

Cleffairy: As an author, I valued originality and quality above others. (Do not scroll down if you don’t want any spoilers)













ps: Here’s a bit of a spoiler… the right hand man of the Pope himself murdered him. And the man who murdered him happens to be the child of the Pope who was conceived through artificial insemination with a nun. Now, isn’t that juicy?


  1. amoker says:

    no wonder u talked about the missionary position.

    well, it is increadible how stories are made that involves christianity and the church would not kill people to people who made these stories.

  2. kruel74 says:

    Went to see it with advertlets last nite and the movie was full of mercenary and no missionary at all. Sometimes I kill myself with these lame jokes

  3. BlurryLeo says:

    Can I ‘borrow’ the Angels & Demons from you without sending the email to u ? 😉 . Dragonball was a total major horrible disasters for people who followed the comics. They should rename that to Pingpongball or Dragon Without Ball .. LOL.

  4. calvin says:

    well, i am your direct opposite…..i love the cinema. actually, i love the sweet corns more, which eventually persuaded me to watch movies. i’d buy at least 3-4 cups for myself alone…hahahaha.

    neways, a lot had happened this past few days. rach had to clean her womb coz the baby did not form properly and did not have a heart beat. she’s been crying for a few days now but she’s much better now. i also withheld the comments column in my blog coz a few were talking about rach and the baby. *sigh* do not want her reading it.

    well, if you wanna reply to me, do so in my mailbox. thanks sis….

  5. Krista says:

    Hi Clef: Haha, I know what you mean. I hated the movie version of Da Vinci Code. The book was so engrossing and then they had to put Tom Hanks in the movie. Man. Tom Hanks is Tom Hanks. Someone more mysterious would be so much better. Unlike you, I would like to watch Angels and Demons just to SEE how crappy it is. I know. Madness runs in me. But that said, movies always end up horrible. Esp if the books are real page-turners. I don’t mind the cinema experience because I rarely go anyway. I am picky with my movies. Hate horror films. Hate artsy Chinese independent films coz everything is in slow mo anyway and people look dead all the time (what is it with Chinese Malaysians film-makers?). Don’t like comic heroes either. So that leaves me with really few choices.

  6. kusut says:

    heh i haven’t seen angel&demons yet but i sure am gonna go watch it. to me the novel version (for any movie whatsoever) is a version.. the original version. and the hollywood movie version is the interpretation of a big shot hollywood director. normally i’ll just just treat them as different things.

    neway.. dan brown’s new book is gonna be in september i think. it’s a new robert langdon story entitled The Lost Symbol. cant wait!!!1 >_<

  7. Terence Teng2 says:

    The same thing with lame ass Wolverine. Deadpool became something that was the exact opposite of Deadpool? Deadpool has andamantium swords and optic blasts? You gotta be fucking kidding me. That was gay as hell man.

  8. kikey says:

    i probably won’t go to see the movie 🙂

    p/s: you are right, that’s a famous Arc de Triomphe in Paris. The Marseille’s Arc de Triomphe is just another arc found in France. 🙂

  9. kenwooi says:

    hey.. watching in the cinema can be fun leh..
    well, maybe bad experiences you faced right?
    but for me, it’s nice to watch in the cinema.. =D

  10. Cheeyee says:

    I’m not a movie goer, but I do go to cinema once a while, if there is a chance for us to leave the kids with someone. 😛

    I did not watch the Da Vincci Code (did not attract me to watch it) and I don’t think I will go watch Angels & demons too. 🙂

  11. stephy-nie says:

    hey clef, mind if you send me all the e-books? i’ve watched the movie already so it’s safe for me to read the book now, lol, since i know MOST book adaptation SUCKS to the max , except lord of the rings maybe.. haha..

    I love these kinda movies where they go search for clues and involves the ancient time sculptures and all, especially roman history ^^

    Though i don’t really prefer reading on the PC (eye sore!!) but since the book is so friggin expensive, I’ll thank you for the e-books in advance. 😀

  12. Watch Dragonball says:

    I found your blog on google and read a few of your other posts. I just added you to my Google News Reader. Keep up the good work. Look forward to reading more from you in the future.

  13. секс по телефону says:

    ммм )) красивенький блог =)
    не хотел случайно сменить дизайн? Поставить ещё тройку плагинови будет гораздо безопаснее..ну это вот это будет нормально действительно 🙂
    Кстати , ты какой Хост используешь? =)

  14. секс по телефону says:

    ммм )) красивенький блог =)
    не хотел случайно сменить дизайн? Поставить ещё тройку плагинови будет гораздо безопаснее..ну это вот это будет нормально действительно 🙂
    Кстати , ты какой Хост используешь? =)

  15. секс по телефону says:

    ммм )) красивенький блог =)
    не хотел случайно сменить дизайн? Поставить ещё тройку плагинови будет гораздо безопаснее..ну это вот это будет нормально действительно 🙂
    Кстати , ты какой Хост используешь? =)

  16. Sreedevi J says:


    Good call. Hollywood is so busy trying to fit everything into a 1.5 hr movie, it’s bound to crush the actual story.

    Would you mind sending me all the books, if that’s alright?

    Thank you in advance!


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