Some women simply asked for it!

Men are going to love me for this, and women are going to hunt me down and bash me up for betraying my own kind. But then again, I have to write about this. Those teeny weeny bunnies in my head have been knocking and plotting my death. Those buggers have been pestering me to write about this. All right, enough said, let’s get to business, shall we?

You know, it is not fair to blame a man for his infidelities sometimes. I don’t encourage extra-marital relationship or even condone it. But sometimes, I feel that men have to no choice but to seek love and comfort elsewhere. A lot of women will say that their husband’s affairs are unjustified, but then again, have you ever thought of looking into the mirror and reflect on yourself?

Let’s just admit it, readers. Some women are simply bitchy! All they do when their men goes home to them is open their big smelly mouth to nag and scold non stop. Their husband haven’t even take off his shoes or even reach the sofa to sit down, and yet those bloody bitches is already sputtering fucking nonsense that could make the deaf scream in agony. And when their husband tells them to stop, they continued on, and there’s no chance in hell they will stop their bitchy pie hole from nagging. Unless of course, it’s the end of the world.

These kind of bitches expects a lot from everyone around her. She wants everyone to listen to her and give her the respects she thinks she oh, so deserved. She expects people to treat her like an Empress Dowager, and bow down to her every whims, and yet no matter what people do to please her, she’ll still be unsatisfied.

And instead of being grateful for being tolerated, she asked for more, and find faults in people. In other words, no matter what her man and the people around her do to please her, she’ll still say it’s not good enough, and continue to bitch about it and demand for more. Nothing could satisfy her, and whatever she says must be treated like a decree, including what you should and should not eat, and what you should wear and shouldn’t wear.

Relationship gets more and more worst with each passing day. Tension is in the air because communication becomes scarce as it’s not possible to talk when you’re not even allowed to speak up your mind.

Honestly, if I am a man who is married to this kind of woman, who can be classified as a mother of all bitches and whore, I’d probably leave her or divorce her too. Either that, or get a mistress to sooth me and make me feel like a human instead of some worthless piece of shit who is worthy of nothing but scolding, nagging and lecturing.

These kind of women are the kind who will cry foul and puts the blame on the men when she’s ditched. She’ll go around telling how pitiful she is, having to face life and raising the brats all by herself, when the truth is she refused to let the poor man even see her brats. People, not knowing what really transpired in their marriage,  of course will blindly sympathize with her, saying the man is an irresponsible jackass who left the family.

What’s worst, these kind of women will raise their children to hate their poor father and tell the entire family how she had been mistreated, when it’s the actual case is the other way around. She abused her man mentally, and yet, she goes around whoring, telling people that another woman stole her husband and something of that sort. She also goes around, brainwashing the kids, saying that their father left them because he refused to be responsible when in truth, she gave hell when the man wanted to see the children.

Things goes on and on, and will get worst. She’ll make everyone’s life miserable. Nobody is good enough in her eyes, and her children will have problem when they are married and have family of their own, because this sort of bitch will give troubles to her son or daughter in laws, simply because in her eyes, they are never good enough.

In their eyes, their children’s spouse are not rich enough, not pretty enough, not a good wife, not a good mother, not a good husband and father, and the list goes on. And when they didn’t receive the respect from their children in laws the way they did from other people in their lives, they go berserk and goes all out to destroy their own children’s marriage and happiness. Why? Because they think just because they are older, they know all, and what they says, goes, and when they don’t get any respect from their children’s spouse, they get pissed.

They are horrible, worst kind of bitches, I must say. Manipulative as well, as they tend to get pity from people around her. But, you know what? When men leave these kind of women, I have no pity whatsoever for her. Why? It’s simple. I am not a man, but I know men are human too. Sometimes, men just want to be appreciated and have some peace of mind when they are at home.

Who can take it if they are constantly degraded? By their wife, no less. If you can’t find find comfort and peace of mind at home, why not seek it outside? The damn bitch can’t seems to keep her mouth shut, and the synergy at home is not conductive for anything, especially love and romance.

So, why not? You don’t get mind blowing, hot and crazy sex anymore, cuz that bitch never bother to dress up to please you. What’s more, those little bastards who have the cheek to call you father seems to give you endless headache as well. There’s simply no peace and there’s no way to relax at home.

So, really, why not? Seek comfort elsewhere. Find someone who can really make you feel good about yourself. Find someone who at least will try to listen instead of just talk all the time.

People will damn you for your infidelities, that’s for sure, but then again, what do they know about living in such environment where you constantly need to put up with a bitch’s nagging? They’ll never know how it’s like to live under the same roof with such a bitch unless they are in the same shoes as you are. So, why give a damn of what people think, anyway? You life has always been about her, and what did she give you in return? Not even peace.

Men loves to feel like a hero of a woman’s dreams. Men are the sort of creature who needs to feel good about themselves. Maybe men won’t admit this, but most depend on women to make them feel masculine and macho.

When he lavish her with all her whims and fancy and yet the wife didn’t appreciate him and nags him for more instead, they won’t feel as if they have achieved anything. Instead, they will feel like a loser. And if a man can’t get romance out of their wife when they initiate it, that’s probably worst than erectile dysfunction.

So, yes…if I am a man who is married to this sort of bitch, I would leave her without a doubt, children or no children. You can always fight for custody and deal with your guilt later. Either leave and find someone who will appreciate those little things that you do and stay sane, or stay and live a life of a castrated dog.

Cleffairy: Some women simply brought troubles upon themselves. You can’t blame the men for everything. Look at yourself in the mirror, and see for yourself.


  1. best russian dating site says:

    Yeah, but for some women la. The hubby was so stressed up with work all he got was all those nagging from the wife. Anyway, there are many reasons for infidelity and this is one of them. There are still men who out fooling around and leaving the wife at home.

  2. CHVoon says:

    first time coming here….

    woo… i agree with what you wrote! it is true!
    However, i think both side play important role as well.

    You are female right… why you will write this post? hehehe
    i think most of this kind of woman are full time housewife!
    They have a lot of time and think sometimes bad!

  3. Merryn says:

    Just to let you know I’m here.. Eugene told me about you 😀 But I’m in a hurry and hav no time to read your post as yet.. I’ll come back again tomorrow and read them thoroughly.. Nite.. 🙂

  4. eugene says:

    ya the girls are going to hunt you down and bash you up, i shall remain non partisan on this..hahahahaha. By the way, sister i am under attack in my blog , so funny lah………

  5. suituapui says:

    Hear! Hear! Can’t ALWAYS blame the man…sometimes it’s the woman’s fault for the reasons you’ve mentioned…and sometimes, the man’s weak/not strong/smart enough and falls into the seductions of the other woman…but sometimes, the man IS to blame! But all things considered, can’t simply generalised that it is the man’s fault.

  6. CHVoon says:

    Cleffairy: come back to read the comment you leave for me…

    i have another comment… but it is up to u. the font size is too small… very hard to read… after finish read your comment for me, i feel that my eyes a bit pain…

    just a comment… dont take it so serious ok… dont spamming me hahaha

  7. kelvin says:

    Totally agreed! One more point, these women will have something common before marriage… They are like little kittens, listening to men, saying they will endure hardship with them, they will never spend their money, they are so gentle before marriage. men should beware of these women!

  8. Merryn says:

    Ok, so the ‘lost’ submerryn found her way back here. I love this post, honestly. It made me reflect on what I do when my hubs gets home. Do I take his bag for him? Do I sit him down to rub his shoulders? Do I even ask him how was his day? NO! All I did was gladly hand over Ethan to him so that I can blog! Gosh.. Cleffairy, you have put some senses in me. Tonite, I shall treat him better and tomorrow will be a brand new day. I’ll ask him how his day was before ‘dumping’ Ethan to him and continue blogging! ;P he he..

  9. cleffairy says:

    Merryn, for a moment, I tot you’re going to shoot your torpedo at me for this entry. But… we have to admit it, don’t we? Sometimes, women do drives their men away from them. I know such woman. And frankly speaking, I can’t take her domineering attitude. She always cries foul as her husband take a mistress. But I can’t blame her husband. No one can stand such attitude in long term.

    LOL… Merryn, I dun blame you for handing Ethan to your hubby. You’ve probably been wanting to do your own things too after having your day dedicated to the boy. It’s understandable. Mummies needs some breaks too! If our lives only revolves around our children, career and housework only, we’re better off in the nuthouse!

    Go ahead… treat him better abit… but dun so over, later he wonder why you’re suddenly so out of character. Take small steps…romance him abit, den DUMP Ethan onto him…he’ll probably be smitten enuff to take care of the boy den. Ahahahaha… den you can have more time to urself! LMAO… (I’m evil!)

    Actually, men are like children. you need to bribe them and coax em with sugary words abit, some little massage, or maybe a cuppa tea den they’ll have kingdoms laid at your feet. LOL…

  10. jen says:

    if i were a man and i married such woman you described, i’ll divorce her without giving it a second thought. don’t understand why such woman loves to find faults with simply anyone in the house and can’t let everyone live peacefully. some women are good in pretending though. after they got married, they begin to reveal their colors.

  11. SHAKIRA CHOONG says:

    A very interesting post. I must say I got to say that most are true. I have met many ladies whom you described above.The only thing that is untrue will be my case.

    When I finally left ex, after he was with some other women, he confessed to our friends that “Shakira has never treated me badly. Always with respect and love.”

    I am happily remarried now.

    Have a great weekend!

  12. U-Jean says:

    My two cents worth on communications. Communication has to happen both ways. If communication break down happens, then both parties have a role to play in order to resolve it. If the woman nags, then she probably just wants something to be done. But definitely it’s not the best way to do it.

    Communication needs sustained effort as well as maturity. One too needs crisis management skills as well as to never take their partners for granted.

    Tough job. Best of luck.

    I do not agree that that women deserve to be cheated on because they nag and bitch and it is their fault that some men cheat as many other factors may come into play. I do agree however that constant pressure and nagging makes the partner and the home less attractive and therefore, one might seek for comfort elsewhere.

    Demands of work and economic pressure does put a strain on relationship as well. Work can take up family time as well as dilute motivation to solve family problems which too contributes to the cracks developing in the relationship.

    So, are should we still putting the blame on women?

  13. donna says:

    yeah… totally agree with you.
    i’ve met some really really demanding women too, I have no idea how her husband could stand all her endlessly blabbering about tiny wee bee stuff for 1 whole day… =______=”

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