SSI Try Mermaid Experience with Onshore Mermaid

Remember I shared a posting about me and my family attending Onshore Mermaid Carnival last year? Well, here’s a follow up update after that event; after seeing so many mermaids, it inspire me to go for the full SSI Try Mermaid course with Onshore Mermaid, and the experience is nothing short of amazing. I was too timid to go for this on my own, so I dragged my husband along with me for it.

Instructor Carmen and Merman Lee Kang Ee were assigned to us for our SSI Try Mermaid session. I was really happy that Carmen was assigned as our instructor again, as we’ve met before during the event and I was really comfortable learning from her. We opted for the enhanced version with our instructor, which is a 4 hours sessions instead of a 2 hours session and I must say, it’s really satisfying.

The SSI Try Mermaid session kicked off with a quick photography session with us students wearing the tail skin (commonly known as the mermaid tail). Here’s Ms. Amy, the Mermaid Instructor Trainer briefing my husband on how to wear the tail skin and how to move while wearing it.

We were shown how to insert the monofin into the tail and how to wear wear it properly.

Here’s sharing with you some pics during the photography session.

We were taught how to pose prettily while wearing the tail.

It’s not easy to do this pose as I still couldnt get used to wearing the tail while in the water.

My husband posing while wearing the tail.

Couple shot

More couple shot

Another couple shot in the pool.

Family pic. Our son joined in the fun too. After the photography session, we then proceed to the shallow pool with max depth of 2m for some training. We were taught how to do the mermaid style swimming- the dolphin kick, swimming on the back while doing dolphin kick and side swimming. First we did it with the regular -bi fin, and then after we got used to it, we used monofin to swim. We were also shown how to enter and exit the water correctly while wearing our equipment.

Training in progress with Carmen and Kang Ee.

Although I’m a scuba diver and I have no issues with being in the water, having my legs bind together in a monofin honestly scares me a little bit. This is totally a new experience for me. I discovered that it’s quite hard to swim with the monofin on and takes quite awhile for me to get used to it, but I’m glad that I have a very patient instructor, and she makes me feels safe and well taken care of throughout the session.

I don’t know what good things I’ve done to deserve such supportive and inspiring teachers in my life. I have my Qigong and Taichi Laoshi, my Reiki Grandmaster, my scuba instructor(s), and now I have a mermaid instructor. All of them are very kind, generous and patient with me. And oh…some of them likes to feed me too.

Anyway, I was happy and motivated enough to continue with the full SSI Mermaid course, so my husband and I signed up for it and hopefully one day, I’ll be good and qualified enough to continue my mermaiding journey in the ocean, or as a professional mermaid.

So here’s embarking on another crazy adventure with my hubs in 2023 onwards. Wish us luck, folks.

That said, I’m grateful for all the experience. Embracing the good, and accepting the bad as they are.

Hoping for an abundance of love, health, wealth, happiness and success in 2023. 🙏

Ps: Wanna try mermaiding? Contact Onshore Mermaid for more info on how to get started.

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