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I have a love hate relationship with Taiwanese drama. They are long winded and is a heck of an emotional roller coaster ride. But, I’m fine with Taiwanese delicacies. Another restaurant that I’ve had the privilege to try in Quill City Mall Kuala Lumpur is T Signature Taiwanese Fusion.

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They serve all sort of Taiwanese favourites, including all time Taiwanese street food.

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Here is some of their bestsellers.

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Black Fungus Cold Salad serves as a good appetizer if you like crispy but chewy food texture. I suppose this was somewhat marinated with vinegar as it tasted quite sourish.

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Japanese Cucumber Cold Dish. I prefer this crunchy and juicy cucumber sticks in comparison to the fungus earlier. A tad spicy and makes your mouth water for more.

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Taiwanese Pepper Salted chicken was a little too peppery and salty to my liking, but the chicken was adeptly fried and was still so juicy on the inside, unlike those I usually get in night markets, so I suppose this is still good if you like strongly flavoured food.

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Crispy Chicken Chop, was surprisingly too bland for me in comparison to the earlier Taiwanese Pepper Salt Chicken. It somehow disappoint me as it really looks promising, but I suppose the lack of flavour can be remedied by dipping the chicken chop cutlets into chilli sauce or any sort of dippings you prefer.

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Spicy Beef Noodle was perfectly executed and pretty much rich in flavour. Love the thick broth and the beef was juicy and tender too. Highly recommended.

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Basil Leaf Chicken (Three cups chicken) is surprisingly delicious and refreshing despite being ordinary looking. I bet I could take a few helpings of steamed white rice with this dish.

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Sweet potato with plum powder is a perfect combination of sweet and sour and soft and crispy. This definitely make an interesting teatime snack, so do give it a try.

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Curly curly (Rice cracker). If you like crispy snacks, then order these rice crackers. They are absolutely irresistible and addictive.

Check this out if you are a fan is Taiwanese food.

Picture credit to https://mieranadhirah.com

T Signature
Lot 3-08 & 3-09, Third Floor
Quill City Mall

Contact:016 225 9758

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