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I’m not a people-person. I make enemies more than friends, and most of the time, I speak before I think. I am a very bad person, so I thought everyone should be forewarned about me before they get close to me. If you’re an overly sensitive person, then I think you’re better off being someone else’s friend…. someone who won’t speak her mind… someone who is better, and definitely different than me.

Anyway, despite the fact that I’m cruel, evil and heartless in nature in the eyes of many, I’m glad that there are friends who stands by me and give me moral support whenever I need it.

Last week have been one of the longest week of the year. The cardiologist found a few 1 cm tumour in my father in law’s lungs during his most recent check up and he had to undergo an operation to remove the tumour and my family and I had to be in the hospital on and off. It was horrible…during the first few days my father in law’s lungs had to be ‘cleaned up’ and he lost alot of blood. It flowed out of his body as he lay on the bed.

It was really scary and frankly speaking, I was horrified with his condition. I cannot get worries off from my head, even when I tried. I couldn’t sleep and I couldn’t eat well. I wrote about my worriest a couple of days ago and I’d like to thank everyone for their prayers and well wishes…. especially AngelBear who kept me company at night when I felt miserable and scared, and also to Smallkucing and his family for offering to send me food while I was in the hospital accompanying my father in law.  Everyone have been so thoughtful and I feel so blessed.

While we still don’t know if the tumour is actually cancerous or not, my father in law is slowly recuperating and things seems to get better with each passing day (and I hope it’ll continue that way)… and I believe he’s recovering not only because the medical practitioner’s effort, but also because of YOUR prayers and good wishes. Believe it or not…not even my father in law’s family members offered such prayer or good wishes.

I may sound silly… and superstitious even, but… as evil as I am, I believe in God and the power of prayers. I believe that in some situation, prayers does help, and God will answer the prayer in His own time. And I believe, this time, He answered your prayers and good wishes, and so, here I am…saying thank you to everyone for their prayers and good wishes.

Thank you so much for dropping by and send me your prayers even though you don’t know my father in law. Thank you, thank you very much.

Cleffairy: Thanks to your prayers, I can finally take a breather again.





  1. suituapui says:

    Welcome. A friend in need is a friend indeed…and a friend in deed is a friend indeed.

    Re. to your earlier post, gosh! I so jakun, did not know who Uncle Chee was…until I found out it was Ah Chim Poh. Ooooo….I loved “her” character on the show, much more than Kenny’s. R.I.P. Ah Chim Po…

    • Cleffairy says:

      Yes, thank you for all your prayers, Cikgu. I believe that it’s not just the doctors and medication that helps my FIL, but also all the good wishes and prayers around. :S

      Ahhh… Uncle Chee… I’m not close to him but met him a couple of times on several occasion when i was still practising. He’s a very kind and soft spoken man, and very fatherly. He motivates me a couple of times too back den and I was a huge fan of his acting when I was a kid. It’s really sad to see him go, you know. just met him in end of August, and he was as healthy as a horse, no sign of illness whatsoever! I suppose it’s just his time to go. 🙁

  2. Alice Law says:

    I’m sorry for your FIL, hope his condition improve and recover to his usual self ASAP!

    Ppl who dare to spoke their mind and straight forward aren’t despicable at all, they are ppl who kind in heart. I’m more wary of those who keep a poker face and sweet talk me frm time to time, lol!

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