The Getaway Groom

Title: The Getaway Groom

Publisher: Harlequin

Imprint: HarlequinTreasury

Pub Date: 26 July 2011

ISBN: 9781459264090

Author: Molly Linholm

‘The Getaway Groom’ by Milly Linholm is full of irony, and I’m sorry to say that it does not really works well with me despite of the emotional roller-coaster ride that I usually enjoy. Somehow, I don’t sit too well with the idea of someone’s fiance doing hanky panky things with his fiance’s best friend… even if they were former lovers and still in love with her.

I did not like the storyline. This book is not for me even though the author justify the ending by giving every characters what their heart desire.

I rate this book 3 out of 5 stars. I received an ARC of this book from Harlequin via Netgalley. I was not required to write a positive review for this book.

Book description:


Happy Endings Guaranteed!

Need a wedding planned in only two weeks? Groom has cold feet? Bridal consultant Emma Delaney could solve any kind of wedding crisis, because she passionately believed in love and romance. She wanted every bride to have a happy ending. For Emma knew firsthand what it was like to have your wedding day turn out to be a disaster. Eight years ago Emma’s groom, Max–her perfect sexy lover–had abandoned her at the altar.

Megan Cooper’s nuptials were just another assignment, another chance to create a romantic, spectacular wedding. Until Emma met Meg’s perfect sexy groom … and got the shock of her life! Max! Could she plan a second walk down the aisle for the man who’d once broken her heart?



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