The Lady Who Sent Me Peppercorns…

January and February is definitely not my favourite time of the year. There’s the dreaded Chinese New Year… and loads of stuff needs to be cleared. There’s fees to be paid, budget needs to be planned, and insurance needs to be renewed.

I’m more to the ‘end of year’ kinda person. I like the end of year. It always gives me the sense of accomplishment. New years tend to depress me and therefore, I hate it! There’s so much to be done, and it is overwhelming.

A few years back, I hate January and February to the very core, but these days, I find it quite bearable. Why? Well, despite of having to deal with whatever nonsense that life threw at me… you know, family politics stuff, financial issues and whatnot, I am blessed with a lot of wonderful and thoughtful friends whom never failed to bring love and joy in my life in many strange and funny ways.

Yesterday, as I was brooding and sighing for God knows how many times this year, Annie-Q came to my mind. It’s been a year since I got to know her. She’s one of those blessings in my life that I think I can’t do without. She’s one thoughtful and talented lady who is full of surprises.

Once, I left a comment in STP’s blog saying how much I loved black peppers in my food and how much I love Sarawak peppers, and the next thing I know, Annie sent me a huge pack of peppercorns via mail to me. The peppercorns was from Sarawak, no less!

Boy was I surprised! Nobody has ever sent me such a thing via mail before. Books, letters, cards via mail, yes, but never peppercorns! LOL. God knows I nearly had a heart attack cuz I laughed too hard after receiving it.

Peppercorns may not exactly be the normal thing to be received via mail, but it made my normal day filled with joy and laughter nevertheless. And each time I’m  down, I will think of people like Annie, and my mood will instantly be lifted up and I will feel okay again.

Today is Annie’s birthday, and so here I am, wishing her a very happy birthday. I pray that God will bless her and her loved ones always. 😀

Happy birthday, Annie.

Cleffairy: Head over her blog and wish her a very happy birthday, folks. 😀


  1. claire says:

    Not your birthday but Annie sent you peppercorns? what are those actually?
    anyway… i MUST go to annie blog now to wish her.. 🙂 thanks for informing just now…

    • Cleffairy says:

      I dun mind the angpow so much. It’s the family politics that I hate during CNY. Sickening, truly to be amongst ppl who treat you like enemies, and also loves to show off and gossip around like shit!

  2. Annie Q says:

    Dear Cleff, thank you for another sweet post for me on my birthday! Sorry, drop by here late to said thank you, very thoughtful of you.

    Eh, i am not as nice as what you said la, wait till one day we meet then you will change your perception on me. hehhehehehehhe

    Anyway, thank you very much again for the post!!

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