The world did fine

Do you remember my previous rantings about me needing a break and I’d do anything, including commit a murder to get it? Well, I did managed to get one last week without any bloodbath involved, and while things did not really go as planned and there’s plenty of glitches along the way, I suppose I did have fun and most importantly, I get to get away everything just for a while just to recharge my depleted batteries.

You see, I’ve been feeling very, very stressed up that’s it’s heading to the realm of dark depression. There’s too much nonsense that’s going on in my life that it’s overwhelming to deal with.

I have plenty of emotional bagage that’s getting heavier and heavier with each passing seconds and I did not think that I can manage to carry it anymore. It’s too exhausting for me to the point that I told myself that how great it would be if I were to be able to sleep and never, ever wake up again. I noticed that it’s not a healthy thing to wish for, and a break is what I really need, and I decided to take it, by hook or by crook.

The hell with the world and it’s people. I need to take some time to heal myself and recharge before I could deal with nonsense, despite of my husband’s initial opinion that taking a break will solve nothing. True, it will solve nothing. The problems will still be there when we get back, and annoying people would still be alive when we get back from the vacation, but to me, it is important to take a breather.

We’re no robot. We can’t keep going on and on and on without stopping. At some point, things will get too overwhelming for us to handle, and therefore, it’s important to get a break from everything just for awhile. The world was fine when I left it unattended. And it always will be.

And right now…as weird as it sounded, I wonder why I should continuosly care about the world and people who cares nothing about me, when they get along fine without me? And why the hell should I care about mutual friends who is just interested in using my family members to their own interest, and have no respect whatsoever for us?

Cleffairy: Should I even care anymore? I think not. I should just focus on what’s important; which is me, myself and I.



  1. small Kucing says:

    Re-charged already then good lah. Start by tackle one problem at one time. Just do what you think is best for yourself and your family lo.

    People will only be able to use you if you let them do it. Learn to say “No” firmly.

  2. cheeyee says:

    Sometimes after recharge we may see things in different perspective, and thus help to tackle the issue. That’s why when I become very stress I will do some self healing to ‘repair’ and recharge myself with some positive energy.

    Do whatever will make you feel better. At the moment, you need to ‘repair’ yourself first.

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