Things You Should Know Before Traveling to Malaysia

Credit: @Ellie Toh

Malaysia is generally a tourist friendly country with people who will go extra miles to accomodate visitors. But first time visitors might feel slightly overwhelmed on the first visir. Here’s a brief guide on things you should know before visiting Malaysia:

1. Malaysia is a tropical country and the weather can be quite overwhelming for some. Please make sure that you pack up with you light clothing, comfortable shoes, insect repellent and plenty of sunscreens. Do keep keep yourselves hydrated at all times as there are times that the weather in Malaysia can be scorching hot.

2. Malaysia’s national religion is Islam and therefore prominiscous activities and public displays of affection is generally frowned upon. No kissing in public, especially in the more conservative states in Malaysia like Kelantan, Kedag and Terengganu unless you would like to be fined by the authories.

3. Driving in Malaysia is not that straught forward. To drive in Malaysia, you’ll need an International Drivers Permit but it is recommended that you take taxis to move about as it is easier. Alternatively, you may use ride sharing apps like Uber to move about. Ride sharing service like Uber and Grabcar are available in most states in Malaysia. Should you decide to ride a taxi, please insist on using the meter.

4. You must have a certificate of inoculation for yellow-fever if you’re coming from affected countries. Vaccinations for cholera and small pox are not necessary.

5. Before buying a branded item at an individual shop, be careful of its authenticity as bootleg products are widely available.

6 . Tipping is not practiced or expected at eateries. It’s your prerogative if you do want to tip.

7. Keep your belongings safely with you while you’re out sightseeing.

8. Avoid dodgy alleys, grimy bars and suspicious lanes and be wary of approaching locals selling services that are suspiciously not from legitimate providers.

9. Book your acommodation prior to arrival for best deals. There are plenty of sites online that’s offering great deals for for hotels and guesthouses in Malaysia. Take advantage of these deals for great savings.

10. It is important to note that two of Malaysia’s major airport; KLIA 1 and KLIA 2 are two different places. Not to be confused with KLIA 1 which is catered for international flights, KLIA 2 is mainly used for domestic flights. Should you want to travel domestically within Malaysia, the right place you should go to is KLIA 2. Although KLIA 1 caters to internatinal flight and KLIA 2 is for domestic use and budget carrier flights. KLIA 2 is much more vast in size and can be quite confusing to move around in there. Should you need an assistance and tips in moving around in KLIA 2, you may visit this site HERE. The site contains everything you need to know about KLIA 2. The website is not in any way affliated with any Malaysian Airports Associated but it was built by volunteers to help visitors in finding information on the largest budget carrier airport in Malaysia. You may find infos on flights, accomodation, tips and whatnot here. So if you are a first timer in KLIA2, this site is your best bet.

Malaysia is generally a pleasant country and most Malaysians speaks English well, so there’s no need to feel intimidated during your visit in Malaysia. Wear a smile at all times when you approach the locals and you’d find your favours being returned in no time. Apart from the friendly locals, Malaysia is also a food heaven. Do take advantage of your stay by sampling the wide varieties of food the country have to offer.

Ready to visit Malaysia? Well then, I bid you Selamat Datang and enjoy your stay in Malaysia.

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