This is Mary


She’s the simple peasant girl they call Queen of Heaven.


She’s the Lord’s humble servant, yet an icon of womanly strength.


She’s ever-virgin and the mother of all.


She’s lowly and exalted; filled with grace and font of grace.

Sinners fly to her . . .


But an angel bow…


She’s Mary, the mother of Jesus. She’s the most recognized woman in history.

And the most misunderstood woman that could have ever lived…


Non-Christians paint her as an earth goddess.


Skeptics say she’s a projection of male psychological needs.


And others regard her as a ordinary, sinful woman.

Someone asked me this question before ” Do you know who is Mary?” when I was a child, and I could not answer it then. And still could not til this very day. To me, Mary is an epitome of mystery, just like Holy Grail. She could be real, she could be fiction. She may have existed, and she maybe have lived. Maybe, maybe not.

One thing for sure is Mary is history. She is a part of the world history. No woman alive could be remembered the way she have been remembered, that’s one thing for sure. She’s everywhere. In the Bible, in the Quran, in the world history books, in classrooms. People may have called her different names, but the end of the day, she will be remembered, and studied and people will continue to ponder on whether she’s real or merely illusion painted by ancient artists, poets and writers.

Do you ever wonder, if you have lived in Mary’s time where almost everyone is illiterate and yet you’re able to read and write, and you happen to write a book with beautifully spun tales in it, will your character(s) be immortalized, remembered, and misunderstood like Mary?

Anyway, the question today is this, ladies and gentlemen: Who is Mary, really? Do you know who she is? How do you define her, ladies and gentlemen? Humour me, please…

Cleffairy: To me, Mary is a case study. A woman who will be remembered til the end of time and is a part of world history, is a subject worth studying.

And others regard her as a ordinary, sinful woman.And others regard her as a ordinary, sinful woman.


  1. says:

    The first picture is a revelation. I never thought Mary Magdalene looked like that. Obviously, the lady in the portrait is a younger version of Mama Mary. Thanks for sharing this to us.

    BTW, how have you been? I’m back working, golfing, and yeah, golfing 🙂

  2. eugene says:

    When i hear the word “mother Mary” a beatles’ song comes to by, “when i find myself in trouble, mother Mary comes to me, speaking words of wisdom, let it be”

    I am happy now that you have time to update your blog frequently… thank you

  3. chrisau says:

    i remember last time when i attended a Catholic church, there was this Novena service which worship Mary for healing. There was a booklet for the service too, where you recite and worship from there.

  4. poisonkagero says:

    I’m Christian… to me, Mary was a young upright woman whom God used to bring His son Jesus into the world. Some of us are called for great things, others for little … but everything makes a difference. Mary’s was great… so I guess because she was the Mother of Jesus that’s why her legend and mystery will never fade =).

  5. Cheeyee says:

    I’m not a Christian… Besides knowing her as mother of Jesus, I know nothing about Mary! 😛

    In Italy, I saw Mother Mary statue was found in the church rather than Jesus on the cross. Is it because it’s Catholic church?

  6. jen says:

    mother of jesus.

    some ppl call me “the old virgin mary” behind my back because i’m the only single female in the office.

    that’s the 2 Marys i know..

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