To Each It’s Own

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Cheesy fried banana have been quite a rave on the social media these days, and I could always see people posting pictures of it with positive caption attached to it. As usual, I would jump in the bandwagon and give it a try too, after all, the cheesy fried bananas people are raving about looks absolutely delicious. I couldn’t possibly resist the temptation so a couple of days ago, when I was walking with my husband in the night market and saw a stall selling these, I just make a grab at it. My husband have a sweet tooth and he wanted to try it too…so…why not…

We bought a set of it at RM5. There were a lot flavours being sold, chocolate, Oreo, rice chocolates etc but we decided to stick to the original cheesy flavour.

The bananas was fried to perfection before being drizzled with condensed milk and topped with grated cheddar cheese.

But as interesting as it looks, this dessert is not to our liking. It tasted absolutely weird to me and to him too. The combination wasn’t exactly appealing to my palate. It’s too sweet and I must say that I prefer the good old original fried bananas with no toppings whatsoever on it.

Well, I guess I won’t be buying these ever again…to each it’s own and whatever everyone else thinks tasted nice, doesn’t necessarily mean will suit me.

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