Travel Beyond Boundaries in Singapore

Traveling exposes you to a variety of experiences that will leave an impact in your life. However, the travels that will make a mark in your life are those that will challenge you to come out of your comfort zone, push you to your limits and give you the thrilling satisfaction of being a Champion.

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Embark on a journey that will push your limits and leave you feeling triumphant like a champion – by planning a weekend trip in Singapore.

To be a Champion you must face many experiences that life, or in this case – travel – throws at you. Be ready to face a very different environment that you are not used to, or be open to face the fears that haunt you. Tackle the tasks that will challenge all your mental and physical skills. Remember a Champion never gives up. There are many milestones that a Champion will have to endure before he or she can be rewarded the title. If you are looking to embrace the experiences of a Champion, your first task is to plan a short weekend getaway.

Singapore is the ideal choice of destination for a Champion.Not only is it just a short flight away, but it is also the host country to many events like theWTA Finals, electrifying rides at Universal Studios Singapore, adventure-driven experiences at Sentosa’s MegaZip Adventure Park and many more. Read on to find out how these experiences can mould you into the ultimate Champion.

Discover the Dynamics of a Champion
Observe a star-studded game such as the WTA Finals

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Observe what Champions are made out of. And there is no better place to start off than to catch a star-studded tournament like the Women’s Tennis Association (WTA) Finals in Singapore where the top ranking stars are in action.

With 10 days of unlimited tennis excitement, you will be able to catch live matches featuring tennis stars like Serena Williams who will be competing to defend her title as the World no.1. This year, we will see the expansion of the 8 days of competition and activities – so make sure you take this golden opportunity to watch your favourite tennis player – whether it is Eugenie Bouchard or Caroline Wozniacki on the open field. Who knows you may pick up a thing or two that will change you, character wise, to be a world-class champion that will wow everyone around.

To further inspire you to be a champion, it makes good sense to party with the other champions. This year also introduces the first-ever “Singapore Tennis Evening at Marina Bay Sands”, a gala event on the 30th of October to celebrate the annual achievements of the best women players in the world. Prepare to be serenaded by double-platinum UK artiste Paloma Faith. Prior to that, there is also an “Advantage Singapore”, the official program of fan-friendly experiences and public engagements designed to provide a series of learning journeys and various training programs to cultivate an enduring tennis legacy in Singapore.

Date: 23rd October 2015 – 1st November 2015
Address: Singapore Indoor Stadium
For more information, visit

Be a Champion in Overcoming Trials

Defeat your fight against fear and reign with victory. Even the most courageous of people will have some irrational fears that they will need to overcome. No matter what it is that scares you, as a champion, it is your duty to overcome and take ownership of your fear that is preventing you to move forward in your life. There are two kinds of common fears that most people will have in their lives – fear of heights “acrophobia” and the fear paranormal activities “phasmophobia”. If you happened to be encountering one or both of these fears we have just the cure for you.

Steps to Defeat the Fear of Heights

If you happened to have acrophobia, it may become unhealthy for you over time, because it prevents you from exploring greater heights. It can rob you of the beautiful experiences and views that this world has to offer.

To conquer acrophobia you must first accept that you have this fear and then face them push away your second thoughts. To prevent yourself from backing out on something that you have set your mind to do, here are a few suggestions that will guide you to the path of becoming a Champion.

Discover the flight of your life at the Sentosa’s MegaZip Adventure Park

Instead of diving straight in and looking for the tallest building in Singapore to conquer your fear of heights, we recommend you to take a fun, light-hearted and adrenaline-rush approach.

 photo lyz8sacGUeN2DrZHZA6xicSv1sog7Izh5476TkpSd7sxjyfbUBEpNmxAPQrsGgGn2USHeiiyFjyi7VN0IWsUKU_zpsnmjuynxn.jpeg

To start off, sign up for the MegaZip experience in Singapore. At 75 meters high, 450 meters long with a heart-pounding speed of 60kmph MegaZip is the first 3-wire zip line which will allow you to experience the exhilarating and breathtaking race from the jungle canopy of Imbiah Hill to the white sands of Fox Finish Point.

If you are feeling a little jittery or even a queasy, take a deep breath and calm yourself down. If you are unable to face the terrifying view below, feel free to keep your eyes closed. After experiencing the thrill of your first MegaZip experience, try it for a second round but this time round open your eyes. Only then will you enjoy the thrill of the flight.

Address: MegaZip Adventure Park, Imbiah Hill Road, Singapore 098967
Tel: +65 68845602
Hours: 11.00am to 7.00pm

Take a walk on the wild high side at the TreeTop Walk at Bukit Timah

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Once you are a slightly more confident, it is time for the next step in overcoming your fear of heights. More so, it is best done amongst nature at one of the longest freestanding suspension bridge in Singapore.

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The TreeTop Walk in Singapore is definitely a good place to challenge yourself. The TreeTop Walk, at the Central Catchment Nature Reserve (MacRitchie), is a 250m long freestanding suspension bridge between two-highest, points (Bukit Peirce and Bukit Kalang) in MacRitchie, it the first of its kind in Singapore. Up the ante, and enjoy an unimpeded overview of the forest in MacRitchie at the Jelutong Tower, a 7-deck observation tower. If you are feeling a shortage of breath just at the thought of the height and the length of the bridge, try motivating yourself by thinking of the reward that will await you at the end of the tunnel such as having a bird’s eye view of the forest canopy. Or experience a National Geographic moment by being able to spot the different wildlife in their natural habitat.

Address: TreeTop Walk, 601 Island Club Road, Singapore, 578775
Weekdays: 9.00am to 5.00pm, Weekend: 8.30am – 5.00pm
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Be Treated to the Glorious Night at the Tiger Sky Tower

Now that you are making positive progress in conquering your fear of heights, it is time to take this experience to a whole new level. Equipped with your smartphone or DSLR in hand, your challenge now is to make your way to one of Singapore’s tallest viewing Tower – The Tiger Sky Tower.  If you are thinking of bailing out – don’t! After all, you have been making so much progress, you may as well cross the finish line with bragging rights armed with beautiful images of the scenic view of Singapore on your social media pages.

 photo fEjUOBaHpxTANxrVBgjOvDMsLS0bLIKid5YuhmJKQ0YgOCbLMakaDElSIeIFHvc6COIeH9WrCfivEVX6PkFG_o_zps30e17mws.jpeg

Being Asia’s tallest observatory tower, The Tiger Sky Tower boasts a panoramic views at 131 meters above sea level across Singapore, Sentosa and the Southern Islands. A must visit as the view at Tiger Sky Tower is definitely scenic and breathtaking. We would recommend you to schedule your visit at night so that you can capture the beautiful lighted views of the cityscape.

Address: 41 Imbiah Road, Sentosa Island, Singapore 099707
Tel: +65 62599288


Beat your Paranormal Fear at the Universal Studios Singapore Halloween Horror Nights 5

 photo YrG0X8uvjT2nbKvLW_jWqdMy0tjLC4ImDS7o7_hr2K0I4jLjP_z9WHG3MIfV045ECeSA9ZJdribrAL3MPjcyWQ_zpsnysebgzc.jpeg

For some of us, ‘Phasmophobia’ – the fear of ghosts feels very real. We experience a certain thrill of anxiety when we are told ghost stories or watch movies that feature supernatural or paranormal activities. However, Phasmophobia is also very difficult to diagnose. Most people are able to control this fear but for others, this fear can be overwhelming, life limiting and at times affect our daily life.

As a champion overcomer, the only way to work towards this fear is to dive headfirst into your biggest nightmare. Before you retaliate and throw the question, “Are you kidding me?” you need to convince yourself that these ghosts are merely fiction and a figment of your imagination. And as humans, we are capable of creating things that we struggle to understand in the first place.

To overcome this fear, it is best to get a few friends together to support you. Start off with the biggest immersive experience of this year’s Universal Studios Halloween Horror Nights 5, Singapore’s only fully immersive Halloween experience that will run for 14 nights across 5 weekends, starting 2nd October 2015.

While you are at the event, keep convincing yourself that these ghosts are nothing but creative human characters created to entertain us. Who knows, instead of being scared, you may actually find it very amusing and may end up enjoying the night. Take this opportunity to find creative ways to spook your friends too while you are there.

This year’s Halloween Horror Nights 5 will be a new chapter of True Singapore Ghost Stories inspired by horror stories on the train, an epidemic-stricken HDB block, a hell house featuring effigies and experience the first ever dark house, a fortress named Tunnel People.
Book your tickets now at the

Be a Champion Role Model
Fostering Teamwork towards Achieving Something Greater at The Forest Adventure

Professional Tennis Champion, Caroline Wozniaki once said, “I try to be myself and of course, be a good role model. I don’t really find it hard, but you think about what you do, and that other people look up to you.” A Champion understands that it is important to influence and inspire others. And one of the ways a champion can cultivate important values into others is by fostering good teamwork.

Fostering teamwork brings many benefits for all, because not only will the champion not be walking on his journey of success alone, but he or she will also be creating a culture that will grow and work together in achieving a common goal.

 photo JurZVeH2QHwGA-M7XBAxbgWiDhwONZeQNuUS8tlOSmMGXmeTxibRE14ewpCegBxxAnEJqN5pNqHn5YpEi_ttyAn4b7XeRO2ugp_ZMMmBsBHwkVfcVDEyUk-A6Xj_zpsc4ylno36.jpeg

A great spot for teambuilding is at Forest Adventure at Bedok, a place perfect for bonding with friends or colleagues. Offering 35 different obstacles divided into 4 individual sites, you and your friends will have the time of your lives, trying out the different courses such as the fantastic big Tarzan swing and many more.

 photo GbGn1S2a8wE3ipGLnBImbFDwJchDstqXStleiRHKLPY_zpsnitqnnqb.jpeg

Best of all, these activities are not only limited to adults but are also open for kids to try. Specially designed for kids aged 5-10 years old, the kids’ course is a fun and rewarding experience for children to enjoy.

Address: Forest Adventure, 825 Bedok Reservoir, Singapore 479244
Tel: +65 81007420

Emerge as an Eating Champion

Challenge Yourself to Eat All you can and who knows you might score yourself a Free Meal and become a Food Legend
For some of us, food is King and we love a good challenge especially when it comes to dining in Singapore, there are a few monstrous food challenges that will challenge our bottomless pit and satisfy the ruthless foodie in us!
 photo yTvoHpEJwDvucs8kzQdqFcx91ndm_VqKRMOgsKeAP5o_zps8oi0y8mi.jpeg

Chomp it down at the Monster Pizza Challenge at Tony’s Pizza Singapore

 photo 20141017_tonyspizza_st_zpsrcnm7czy_edit_1443973914065_zpsqmg4qakn.jpg

Think you have what it takes to swallow 18 inches of Pizza? Serving up true New York style pizza at its flagship outlet in Bugis Junction, Tony’s Pizza is currently on the lookout for its next champion Monster Pizza eater. If you think you have an elastic stomach you may want to experience the Monster Pizza Challenge. All you have to do is chow down the 18” Monster Pizza in 25 minutes and you will be rewarded with a free meal. If not prepare to fork out $50 for just trying. The Tony’s Pizza tyre-sized pie features over the top mix of 12 ingredients, including ham, pineapples, mushrooms and pepperoni. You may want to practice a few rounds with their other pizzas first, before jumping in to take this challenge.

Address: Tony’s Pizza Singapore, 397 River Valley Road
Tel: +65 67774992

 photo 6gJch1wf0SYPy3TGo44tQYMVW-ZrkRzjZpF28K5USFI_zpswnkh736w.jpeg

Test your Ultimatum at the Little Diner’s Empire Burger Challenge

 photo OQDIa-nRU-vOK6RUZowhhGc2wIHUTbWShUlTo2pDZXE_zpsrtstso92.jpeg

If you have a competitive streak, you may want to experience this “scale the heights” of Little Diner’s Empire Burger. Comprising of a sloppy assembly of bacon, cheese, onions, tomatoes, lettuce and 3-beef patties – each weighing 200g, along with fries. Finish it under 20 minutes and you will get your meal for free! If not, they will charge you for the monster burger, but throw in a dessert for free!

Address: Little Diner, 789 Bukit Timah Road, Singapore 269763
Tel: +65 64664088

 photo Lower-East-Side-Taqueria_zpsdn49a9li.jpg

Test your Spice Level at the Ultimate Hotness Challenge at Lower East Side Taqueria

 photo DIY-burrito-platter_zpsjxgsua1d.jpg
Think you can take a little heat? At the Lower East Side Taqueria your spicey taste buds are challenged. If you are able to scarf down 3 tacos ($18) covered in level 5 hot sauces in 5 minutes, your meal is free! Chef Claudio Sandri’s Mexican-inspired East coast eatery prides itself for its tacos. There are several choices of signature trio tacos for you to choose from such as Tilapia, Hake, Chili Con Carne, Chorizo, and Vegetarianos.

Address: Lower East Side Taqueria, 19 East Coast Road, Singapore
Tel: +65 63481302

A Champion simply does not procrastinate. Instead of waiting around for other opportunities, choose your weekend and plan a trip down to Singapore to experience a rewarding Champion getaway experience. Who knows you will come back a completely change person!


  1. Sin Yee says:

    Been to Singapore three times but not really explore all places. I wanted to go Universal Studio but then my friend said she went few times already, so yeah, no one accompany me and I left. =(

  2. Pooja Kawatra says:

    Glad that you liked Singapore and you have pretty much explored the places. Did you try the scale of heights it must be a wonderful experience?

  3. Juneci says:

    The last time I have been to Singapore was when I was 10. So many things have changed and now with all these attractions, I must really go back there someday!

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