Unsupervised children

As of writing this, I was ‘overnight-ing’ in the McD outlet again to finish up my work because there’s no stable Internet connection in my new place as yet. My son was with me, and so, I opt to stay in the playroom area for his benefit. McD’s playroom area is quite comfy I assure you, and the boy could even catch a shuteye over here if he wants. So yeah, I’ll probably be here for the Internet connection until I manage to get a proper one at my not so new, and not so convenient place.

All was well until I saw a bunch of swinging monkeys in the form of bratty little children in the McD playroom…swinging around dangerously, and playing in the playroom without parent’s supervision!

I wasn’t very pleased cuz my boy was in there and the kids were pulling some dangerous stunts… these kids are merely kindergartens kids and toddlers, and in my humble opinion, the children should not be left alone to play anywhere on their own without adults supervision, no matter how safe they think the place is. There is no such thing as a ‘safe’ place these days. Where is their common sense? These super hyper children could have injured themselves and other kids in there, and hell, they could have been kidnapped or something!

What the hell is wrong with the parents to be allowing kids playing there unsupervised? Do they seriously think that it is okay to leave their kids unattended like that? I was the only adult in the vicinity of the playroom, for God’s sake. Are they thinking that I could keep an eye on their kids for awhile while they get their stuff from the counter or something? 🙁


Cleffairy: I thought my boy was awful enough and is more than qualified to join the swinging monkeys in the zoo, but those bunch of children are worst!


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