What is it with Superman?

What is it with Superman? I’m always obsessed with him, regardless of his incarnation. I’ve loved him as a child, and loved him even more as an adult. Superman… or rather Clark Kent, what is it about him? He inspired me to do so many things… great things, including taking up journalism and pursue writing as a career… what is it about him that inspired me so much, and makes me feel so good? Damn, I have no idea, actually. I’m crazy for him to the point that I actually wrote a love letter for him and posted it HERE

There’s something about him that will always have a special place in my heart. Perhaps it’s the special kind of bond that he had with Lois that made me feel so wistful and wished for such a relationship myself… the love, the sharing, the office romance, the secret identity, and perhaps, it’s just the passion and the will to uphold truth and justice that attracts me to this fictional character so much.


Two of my favourite Clark Kent. (Dean Cain)

(Smallville’s Clark Kent, Tom Welling)



Cleffairy: You’re still the hero of my dreams, the savior who brings hope when I had none.




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