Wherever they go…

I’m not in my best of mood. Just last night I was forced to give some coffee money…or rather Starbucks money to the legal terrorist who are obviously working part time on the side of a shady street.  This time around was Rm20. Tsk tsk tsk. If I were to donate money, I would very much prefer to give it to the homeless or beggars on the street rather than these nincompoops who misuse their power.

I was absolutely furious, not because I lost money, but because I felt violated…but of course…there is nothing much I can do cuz they are apparently the favourite fungal pets of the current ruling government. Tsk…I do wish that they get STD and live to suffer pus in their scrotum for a very long time. *nods* Either that or they live to see their family members to die in the most horrible way possible. 😀 Such thoughts really makes me happy.

Just like these bags makes me happy… they are from my friends whom have been very thoughtful and bought them for me whenever they go for a vacation and whatnot.

Apparently I am much more transparent than any ruling government on the face of the Earth. People seems to be able to guess that I really do fancy bags.

This cute black and white bag with black elephant prints is from a mummy with two darling little girls. I think she bought it during one of her vacation. Cute, isn’t it? This one is one of my personal favourite apart from the handmade bag that Smallkucing’s Mamarazzi gave me for my birthday last year. 😀 It’s very chic, really. I even bought it to a formal dinner and a wedding dinner. Beats having those glittery but not so functional bag people usually carry. 😛

This bag is also from one of my blogger friend. I dubbed this unique bag a ‘condom dress bag’, because they really do looks like they’re made from colourful condoms. LOL. This one is not only unique, but it’s also very functional. I can put quite a lot of things in it and I usually use it to put books when I’m on the go. Geez, I don’t know why my friend thinks of me when she bought this bag. Seems like I am not so innocent in her eyes after all. Tsk tsk tsk!

The most recent addition to my bag collection is these. Another friend gave them to me as a belated birthday and Christmas present. She’s a mummy with twins.

A small bag with flower and almost transparent turtle prints on it. I don’t know what this bag is for, but I’ve already used it to put some of my make ups and sunblocks in it. 😀

And this cute handphone bag

Ohhh, I absolutely love this one. It can fit my phone just right and it’s made from really nice fabrics. I wonder if it’s hand made? I’ve never seen anything like this being sold commercially.

Looking at these bags makes me feel very happy. It’s really a consolation that I don’t just attract troubles from street dogs who asks money from me to go for a Fruppocino or two in Starbucks as my friends do keep me in their thoughts no matter where there go.

Cleffairy: Hopefully…I can get them something nice in return too whenever I manage to go for a vacation or someplace interesting. 😀




    • Cleffairy says:

      Yalorr… I really love the handphone bag, very cute… now oredi using for my phone. LOL… memang looks like made from condom ma… last time I went to an AIDS exhibition… the dress looks something like that bag wan-but the colours are transparent la, of course. LOL!

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