Which one is true?

It’s 4:34am over here when I’m writing this entry. I can’t sleep again. I wonder what I can do to be less imsomniac? The lack of sleep and a good rest is not only irritating me, but also giving me headachaches.

Anyway, this entry is meant for a few days ago. Since I cannot hit the sack and go to dreamland, I might as well write something that I have been procrastinate doing for the past two days. This will be another of my silly short entry, though, so consider yourself have been forewarned, folks.

As you all probably know, this year’s Ramadhan (Muslim fasting month) coincide with the Hungry Ghost festival, and I have a question to ask.

It is known by the Muslim and non-Muslim who took the time to understand the facts about Ramadhan that during the whole fasting month, spirits, ghost, devil, undead and whatnot will be locked and chained up in Hell for the entire month, and therefore, no bloody ghosts will be walking on the face of the Earth for the rest of the month. The Muslims believed that Ramadhan is the holiest month of all, and it is time to fast and do good deeds without being disturbed by the evils.

The superstitious Chinese, on the other hand, believes that all hell is set loose during this entire month, and the undead and evil spirit and whatnot will be walking on Earth to enjoy their ‘vacation’ and wreaking havoc for the entire month.

Since Ramadhan and Hungry Ghosts Festival coincide with each other this year, I truly wonder…which one is true? The ghosts and evil beings being chained and locked up in Hell as the Muslims believed or all hell is set loose as the superstitious Chinese believes?

I am not mocking both Muslim and Chinese, but I truly wonder, which one is a true statement? The one made by the Muslims, or the superstitious Chinese?

I don’t know which statement is true but I prefer to believe the Muslim this time. At least, I won’t be cowering up for fear of being ‘disturbed’ or posessed by the evil beings and undead when I loiter around on this godforsaken earth.

Anyway, allow me to end this entry by wishing all Muslim out there a blessed Ramadhan, and may all of your good deeds be repayed by God.

And not forgetting the supertitious Chinese a safe and sound Hungry Ghosts Festival. Hopefully you don’t stumble upon anything creepy or any bad luck throughout this whole month.

Cleffairy: I don’t know what to believe anymore. The world is full of contradictions.


  1. free dating club in south africa says:

    I dont either, but dear dont waste time dwelling on this issue lah,,, hit the gym, eat well and rest well for i believe that’s more important.

    Like you said, the world is full of contradictions, but as far as we are concerned, having good friend like you and me is no contracdiction.

    take care dear, go and get some sleep, next time i will scold you one if you stay up this early to write,ok?

    take care now Cleffy,,,

  2. claire says:

    Yes, listen to Eugene.. dont think so much of world’s happenings.. just think if yourself, take good care then only u can take care of others.. life is precious and i believe time heals our wounds too..
    Just pray..
    God Bless..

  3. jen says:

    i didn’t believe in the spirit-spirit thingy until i experienced something spooky about years back during hungry ghost festival. there was a lump on my right leg and it was very painful. funny thing is, the lump can only be seen at night. even the pain. i went to the specialist but the doctor said it was muscle pain. the lump and pain were still there at night even after taking medicine. i went to see another specialist, still the same. so my aunty brought me to see erm…a master. he said i accidently stepped on the burning stuffs and therefore the dirty thing had been following me. after he performed the praying for me, the lump and pain gone. instantly on the same night. creepy right? *sweat*

  4. dolly says:

    kekeke… interesting mind u have..
    HAHAHA.. for me.. I do believe in something like “that”.
    so my take is..
    during Ramadhan, the hell only locked up malay ghost like pontianak, toyol and released chinese ghost?

    u see.. i dont know anyone notice or not.. like how to say.. like histeria, only happened on malay for some unknown reasons, then chinese wan is different cases. “THEY” got “THEIR” own target of races.

    T_T, because i do believe in something like “that”, so i’ve been avoiding to read/write/talk something sensitive during sensitive month coz sometimes i need to OT until quite late in the office T_T

  5. BlurryLeo says:

    While I do believe in the existence of ghosts, spirit and all those spooky stuffs, I’m not buying into either one between the two. To me, they are around all the time and everywhere around us regardless of their religions when they were alive.

    If ghosts can only roam the earth during the seventh month (chinese belief), then there won’t be such thing call a haunted house that remain haunted all year long.

    If Ramadhan is the holiest month and the human would be free from evil spirits throughout the month (muslim belief), try get someone to get a good night sleep in a haunted mansion. The little nap will probably be “more than meets the eyes” 🙂

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