Why do people treat us like a bimbo?

Indeed, why? Why do people treat us like a bimbo? Well, women, friends and foes alike are going to bash me for this, but I still have to state my honest opinion on what I think about women, especially Malaysian women in general.

I know March is International Women’s Month, but I’m not going to preach about women’s rights and why people should respect women. I am more than sure, most of you know that, and a majority of you out there has done that on my behalf.

This entry is not meant to degrade women, but is written in hope that women all over the country would realize why sometimes people treat us women like a bimbo- a creature of the weaker sex who are incapable of intelligent conversation.

So, why indeed? Why do men treat us women like bimbos, and not many are interested in listening to what we have to say? My take is that in Malaysia, there is not much women who takes time to enrich their mind with intellectual material, and therefore, not many women came up with intelligent conversation. Not many women in Malaysia bothers to read about law or even bothers about our political surroundings. What’s worst, most don’t even bother to read news anymore ever since they left school.

Most would say that Malaysian politics is crappy, and not worth their regard, thinking that there is no point talking about things that they cannot change. True… but then again, you made no effort to be the person who change it.

Most would choose to shy away from economic discussion, as it’s a difficult topic to grasp. Some would say…talking about serious matters gives them headache, and they prefers to be blissfully ignorant, and instead of exhibiting themselves as someone worth to be respected, most prefer to portray themselves as an empty headed person, who usually talks about nothing but trivial matters and gossips concerning the affair of others.

It saddens me to think that many Malaysian women are not concern about the nation building issue. Most of us are still chained and shackled by our own mindset, where we should not concern ourselves with ‘difficult’ matters and we should do nothing but let the men handle those ‘difficult’ stuff for us, and our job is just to enjoy life while men go around, working to dominate the world. With thoughts like this, it is not a wonder that Malaysia is still very much a conservative and chauvinistic country.

I really do wonder why women in Malaysia are given the rights to vote in the first place. Most of you are voters. Those who would determine the future of our country by casting your vote, and yet you have not a care about Malaysian politics and whatnot. It disgust me.

It disgust me to the very core when I hear these from the mouth of women, especially from those who are blue collars :

“Aiyah… nonid to care about politics… Malaysian politics are very boring.”

“Haiyorr, simply vote lah, both oso same oni.”

“Why should I care about the law? Not for me lah!”

It terrifies me to note that Malaysia is made of these kind of people, who happens to be voters as well. Those who are responsible of voting and whatnot. Malaysia is full of empty headed women who will remain the same, and would do nothing to change that just because they are someone’s girlfriend, someone’s wife, or someone’s mother, and thinks that taking care of their male counterpart, nurturing their offspring as well as gossiping about others is much more fulfilling than enriching themselves with awareness and knowledge about the country and the world.

There’s nothing wrong about spoiling the spouse and nurturing the children, but don’t you think it is too much when such things could actually turn us into a dumb bimbo bitch when we decided to just live in our own little world, and chooses to be ignorant of serious matters?

Whether it is too much or not, it is up to you to decide. To me, it is too much, definitely too much. Knowledge, to me, is something that I must pursue throughout my entire life, not something that I must stop injecting into my brain once I left school.

People treat women like a bunch of dumb bimbo bitch, because most of us portrays ourselves that way. One rotten apple, spoils the whole barrel. Ladies, either stop thinking like a dumb bimbo bitch, or you’ll forever be branded that way. If you want people to respect you, then by all means, start respecting yourself instead of portraying yourself as the dumber sex, for God’s sake!

Cleffairy:Ladies…most of you maybe typical females who cannot read a map, but that should not stop you from learning how to use the GPS.


    • Cleffairy says:

      You’re lucky to be around academician and scholarly women. You’re in dentistry… while me… my life, full of mindless, idiotic bitches-sexually deprived, old housewives, and I sometimes wonder whatever I did in my past life to deserve such thing!

  1. suituapui says:

    Maybe girls lived very sheltered lives, very protected – this cannot, that cannot… Boys had all the freedom to do what they wanted.

    Never fear! These days, the boys are EXACTLY the same…if not worse! All bookworms – rote learning! Nothing beyond the books (and even that,only temporarily! Otak kosong!!!)…

    I asked my class of Form 4s (Straight As PMR no less) what viagra was…and none of them could answer!!! Told them I wanted to lose weight and after much coaxing and hinting, one said, “Exercise!” and after MORE prompting, another said, “Swimming!!!” DUH!!! Brainless!!!

    • Cleffairy says:

      Cikgu, you’re so, so right…sheltered and pampered is the words to describe some women. And it’s justified to describe some boys and girls in this era too. Kids are not allowed to make decisions for themselves, and I don’t need to look far for that. *points to the matriarch of the family*

      Your students are otak kosong too? We’re 2×5. My students are like that too… SPM kids, no less…yours don’t know what is viagra, mine doesn’t know who is the current Deputy Prime Minister. Lagi pandai! (I should just go bang my head on the wall!)

  2. Alv0808 says:

    Culture..and lead by parents example thats the roots why women didnt bother. I have a woman friend who always think that..wife must stay behind their husband..cannot go further which i’m not agree at all…and that the reason maybe why i’m not married till now hahahhaa…

    • Cleffairy says:

      πŸ™ It’s the attitude as well. I am sure you agree with me on this, that’s why, we women are chained and shackled forever-it’s because most of us never bother to free ourselves.

      You’re not married yet? Well, don’t rush… sometimes, marriage complicate things. Let nature take it’s course… πŸ˜›

    • Cleffairy says:

      Geez, Jen, you’ve been reading my blop since last year. Where got bash you la, kawan, I’m talking about women, Malaysian women in general lah…especially those who always think that they are right though their head is always empty punya. You know, I know, so shhh… LMAO!

    • Cleffairy says:

      Wah… really ka? Where? I wan see the article… cannot believe that all these is related to hormone. I wonder if hermaphrodites have better advantages then… having both female and male hormones at one go! LOL…

  3. Jocelyn says:

    I think you made a fair comment about the general ability of women to keep an intelligent conversation and act beyond their bimbo selves.

    But it is unfair to conclude that ALL Malaysian women are like that because whilst I agree that some, or to be crude about it, MOST women are disinterested in politics and maps, I’m not. And I like to believe that there are some women, albeit a relatively small amount who are smart and knowledgeable enough to impress the intelligent men.

    On another note, and no offense to anyone but I think most Malaysian men are pretty bimbotic too. I mean, most of you don’t read at all (and I don’t mean the comics section in the newspapers). I can barely hold an intelligent conversation with Malaysian guys. Yes, some of you may be good in the things you’re interested in (i.e. cars, gadgets, etc) but honestly, your general knowledge is pretty bad. And, I’m not attacking anyone in a bad way, but there’s gotta be more to life than just thinking about making money.. I have great guy friends, and we can hold interesting conversations but most of these conversations ultimately end with various topics that has everything to do with making more money and being more successful but nothing of anything else.. After a while, I just tune out because I believe that apart from making the big bucks, there should be more to life than that.

    And that is my personal opinion of Malaysian men, in general, for you.

    • Cleffairy says:

      Either you need to go back to an English class or re-read the article. I used to the word ‘MOST’, not ‘ALL’, and seeing how you did bother to read the lines properly, you would notice that I am a woman, chiding most women in Malaysia for their lack of interest in educational things. I am not quite sure if my article is hard to comprehend, but at some point of my entry, I did bash men as well, or rather, Malaysians in general. Too bad that you felt the heat of my words.

      Perhaps it is fair to say that you assume that I am a man because I did not camwhore and plaster my pictures all over my blog? Or was it because of the blog’s depressing black layout? LMAO… Well then, this is a compliment indeed.

      • ericlee says:


        I do not really agree that only majority of men think about making money…it is true that most men tend to think that making money is more important but ask yourself, would you marry a BUM? There more to life than making money but money is what evaluates you in this society…Why most singaporen women remained single? because they are so successful that most men are not up to their standard and hence, they will not even consider them as partner. Another reason why men talk about making more money is most of them thought this is a way to impress the ladies and peers to have a good impression on you…I suggest that if you wanted to talk more intellectual stuff, you should start them yourself and diverge back their attention if they get astray..hope you get my drift and understand..I’m not shooting you…LOL

        Perhaps you didn’t notice the title written by Cleff, it already well stated that she’s a woman giving out opinion as a woman..so it is a bit hilarious to label her as a man…LOL she’s one of my fav female blogger!!!! XD

        • Cleffairy says:

          LMAO… actually, Eric… this is the first time people accuse me of being a man. So… maybe I should take it as a compliment.

          *faint*. Usually people thought that I am a plump, unmarried lady at least in her 40s. Good grief! I am nothing like that! Not even in my late 20s yet, dammit… Bah, humbug, I’m underweight, for God’s sake!

    • Garfield says:

      Wow! Great comment! Jocelyn!
      You had come here to prove that what written in this post is true!

      A Dumb Bimbo Bitch(Jocelyn) is trying to act like a Smart Bimbo Bitch, but in fact proven that her(Jocelyn) tribe is a Dumb Bimbo clan!

      By not reading the whole article and just read the title of the article, then straight post bitchy comment shows how Bimbo is her tribe!

      Jocelyn, before you even attack someone, please read the whole article 1st lar!

      Before you making any assumption on a person’s personality such as the person’s gender, do more research about that person 1st lar. The easier 1 will be by reading old blog articles of that person.

      Jocelyn, maybe you are a female who have a dick, but not all male have pussy, and not every female have dick. So please do not call a woman a man, and don’t call a man a woman. It shows that you fail in english(although i know my english sucks).

      You mentioned about this 1 (i.e. cars, gadgets, etc).
      To be honest, there was never such post about this 2 things in this blog. At least, since the day I read this blog, there was never have such contents.

      Anyway, Jocelyn, here is a song I would like to dedicate to you.

      Je suis prΓƒΒͺt pour la bataille

  4. eugene says:

    Ladies,make that change and you can,you have more examplry ladies figures that could inspire you,and why do you still think you are the weaker sex..?

    ladies like Lady Gaga, Madonna and Rihanna,,(i happen to like them a lot)

    i never regard ladies as bimbo,,,,,,salute tabik

    • Cleffairy says:

      *sigh* Eugene… sometimes, it is hard to ask people to change. When you advice them to get out of their comfort zone, they will to back off. I daresay many women are brainy out there, only they choose to protray themselves differently. Sad thing indeed.

      I like Margaret Thatcher and Eleanor Roosevelt…both of them are very admirable, though they held different role as a woman. One was a British Prime Minister, the best one ever, while another was a former US First Lady.

  5. ericlee says:

    Actually I am not sure of the term bimbo as I thought people who are dumb and always exaggerate their sexual appeal are bimbos. And in general, i don’t think Malaysian girls are dumb…Ignorant, Yes, Dumb, No… I think you made a fair argument but I don’t think that’s all to it. It’s true that most Malaysian do not care about politics with majority of them women but I don’t that will determine whether they could hold an intellectual conversation… You see, in my uni, here are a lot of political obsessed manics who could even hold an intellectual conversation, understand what they are fighting for and narrow minded…it is not women in general, just Malaysians

    Gossiping is just a form of entertainment..I do understand that most people will not initiate intellectual topics and even in my group of friends. But I always voice them out and they could respond well to me ESPECIALLY female…I assume you might be mixing a lot with people older than you? Because as time progress, people are getting smarter and men who treat Malaysian women as bimbos are lesser in the younger generation…

    what irritates me is that there are minority group of women who will try to instill this bimbo term in our heads..they often use their sexual appeal to get the guys do their work. They often uses the term that “because we are guys and they are girls” on the guys..These are the few bad apples that spoil your image.I know a few like this. My ex is one of them but luckily the one I’m going after, it’s definitely not a bimbo and a very intellectual girl in my opinion.. And a lot of females that voice out their opinion in your blog are actually not bimbo don’t you think? Like I said in my blog, people will assume a basket with one rotten apple is filled with all rotten apples…

    Been so long since I’ve read something like this from you..looking forward to more..wait…is this the creative adventure you are talking about??

    • Cleffairy says:

      Very well said, Eric. Could have not said it better myself. True enough, not all Malaysian girls are dumb…I did say ‘Most’ didn’t I? I point out politic especially is because it’s rather annoying to see that women are voters as well, and yet, they approach the matter nonchalantly. I know this kind of things applies to men as well… lol… Malaysian men, that is…but it is not my place to chide men for it, for I am not a man.

      I’d leave that to men to remind their own kind that they need to ’embrace the reality’ instead of just stay in their comfort zone in regards to knowledge.

      LOL…I know… some ladies…they have certain expectation of men. LMAO…The term ‘Bimbo’ that I was referring to is definitely the ones who used their sexual appeal, pretending stupid and dumb and flaunting their assets for men to ogle to get what they want. You’re right. The term bimbo that I’m trying to get across is definitely that. It irks me when men sees women that way, when in truth, not all are like that. Anyway, there are women who are real bimbo, no doubt. I’ve seen many too, and I bet, your ex is just one of them. They’re the kind who will take advantage of men… eg: Make men pay for dinner/lunch just because they’re women, expects men to help them with office work/carry stuff for them just because they’re woman. I hate this kind too…*sigh* (Though I do loads of stuff without the help of others, I do leave those techie stuff for my husband to do at home, as I am completely hopeless at it… anyway, Bible says, husbands are wife’s helper… wakaka… I’m just practicing it. LMAO) It irks me, though, that the perception of women, still does not change, and the main reason that contributes to it is because women themselves refused to enrich themselves with knowledge and change the way they present themselves to the world. πŸ™

      ps: You’re right when you assume that I got stuck mixing with elder people…*sigh* It can’t be helped. Married with a child at my age…it doesn’t leave me with much choices of friends. What’s more…friends my age are still enjoying themselves in nightclubs and whatnot. *SIGH* Even my colleagues are a lot older than me… πŸ™ Younger friends, mana mau cari? There are some friends who are almost my age, but then, I found that their minds are not quite matured… πŸ™

      And no, this is not the creative adventure I was talking about…lol… this is another one of my ranting… lol… normal stuff! πŸ˜›

      • ericlee says:

        i notice that you wrote “most” and not “all” which is why I disagree in the first place…I myself forgot to write it, so it’s my bad..haha what I’m saying is dumb women are no longer the majority especially in the younger generations…I would say it should be 50:50 by now…however for guys, pretty sad that we are declining in terms of maturity and intelligence…I guess largely due to the environment we are in…Every nation has 3 stages, The rising, the peak and the end…It seems like Malaysia is approaching “the end”…something had to be done quickly…

        haha I guessed that you are hanging around with those people because from your writing, women that gossips too much are these aunties….I wouldn’t say I’m mature enough as there are lot to learn for me, but I understand how it feels to have immature peers as ur friends…some even older than me but yet still lacks the maturity needed…haihz….

        • Cleffairy says:

          LOL… younger generation like ours, men and women alike are actually smart… no joke. But then… *sigh* maturity problem. Quite a lot of people my age… in their early and late 20s…even though all are adult, but sometimes, their mind is like those of teenagers, and sometimes, I am not quite sure how to deal with them, so I often opt to mix around with elder people. But even then, there’s probs, cuz they gossip as if they are paid to do it. Worst off, they hardly accept youngster’s opinion and thinks they know all. πŸ™

          Those who gossips? Not really online people. *points to the outlaws*

  6. junsern says:

    well, sometimes its good to play a bimbo when you are not. But never be one! I truly agree with what you said! not all guys talk about intelligent conversation but its good just to take interest when he talks!

    I am just annoyed when like u said ladies prefer entertainment gossip compared to real news as real news is boring. well life is not all flowers and roses… usually there is s#it involved too eheheheh.

    but so far in my work place i never really encounter real bimbos yet la… some still knowledgeable!

  7. ana says:

    I work with a bimbo. And I am in Singapore!!

    It is very irritating working with one, because they work & think like robots. They have no clue as to what’s going on outside their little well…
    All they know is where is a good value lunch – that’s the epitome of using their brains.

    And, these bimbos do not have low education… just plain stupid & low IQ.

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