You’re still the one…

Dear Seng,

It’s been 4 years since jie last saw you in Henesys Hunting Ground, hitting snails with a snowboard while making silly faces. You were just a teenage boy then. How time flies. It’s 2010 going on 2011. A lot of things has changed, but you’ll still be the only one who will die at Balrog with jie and the one who will leech jie at Skelly =.=

Balrog with it’s dreadful claws… *faint*

You’ll still be the one who will play cheat with jie and protect jie from the awful big dragon… what’s it’s name? Uhh… eeeee… Manon… and damn Griffey.

Manon…. (the damn stupid dragon that killed me countless times.)

The dumb Griffey… killed jie til jie wanna cry! *SOBS*

Horntail (Bwhahahaha… remember how we pawned the damn Horntail at Orbis? Wuikss… Orbis? How come we can kill Horntail at Orbis? Horntail supposed to be in Leafre. LMAO!)

Yes, indeed, years has passed since we last play together… and die together… but you’ll always be jie’s protector… jie’s warrior… and jie will always remember you as the one who always says goodnight to jie.

Happy birthday, Seng. God bless you always, no matter where you are… at land or at sea. 😀

Lotsa love,


Your jie, Cleffairy.

Ps: Seng, let’s go and die together again? It’ll be fun. Let’s do the new Balrog! Bwhahahahahahaahaha!!! Jie wanna kick the new Balrog’s ass!!! Don’t worry… it won’t hurt much… jie promise not to forget to heal you. And if you die before jie, jie will try to resurrect you before jie die. 😛 LMAO!


    • Cleffairy says:

      LOL… correct spelling lah… cis… it is ‘Henesys’ a fictional town. LOL. *stare* What you u mean I have young friends oso? OMG, Kat, Claire and Cyn is going to bunuh u if they saw this. U say them old. LOL!!!

      Up there is not my friend. He’s my brother. My godbrother… the one who lives in Miri… 😀 the sailor brother… 😀

  1. James says:

    hahaha thanks jie =) i miss the old days..i wont be going offshore for the moment..gonna work onshore first hehe…but still oil n gas field…jie still remember our mapling days xD

    • Cleffairy says:

      LOL.. jie always remember la, Seng. 😛 You won’t be going offshore for the moment? Oh, that’s good, den jie dun hv to worry so much about you. LOL.. yea… missed the good old mapling times…die together so many times and then still can laugh like mad… 😀

      Haihh, now we both grow up liao, no time for maple… now maple oso not like last time anymore… kena Big bang liao maple… they revamp the entire maple world.

    • Cleffairy says:

      Gosh… you sounded so surprised. Well… I not only played online game… but was absolutely addicted to it once, and can sit in front of the pc and play for 12 hours nonstop. Was quite a hardcore. LOL… the name ‘cleffairy’ was in fact one of my earliest online game character.

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