No Added Sugar Growing Up Milk

If vehicles needs fuel to move, then the human bodies needs sugar to function properly.  But excessive sugar intake will do more harm to the body than good.

My son cannot take too much sugar in his daily diet. It’s very, very bad for him. I’m sure most of you over here knows why, if you’ve been following the rantings in my blog long enough.

For those who don’t know why it’s bad for the boy… well, I say sugar is not good for my boy not only because it is generally fattening or it causes diabetes, or even high blood pressure or heart attack… no… far from that.

I have to restrict my son from taking too much sugar  because he is a special child. He’s an ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) child with mild Asperger symptoms. For those who does not know about all these medical terms, well, let’s just say that it’s commonly translated as ‘very hyperactive, lack of attention as well as lack of communication and social skills’. Children with such disorders can only be helped via active drug usage, therapy or intervention.

I did not want to use drugs on my boy as I don’t believe in depending on drugs to ‘cure’ the disorder, so I chose therapy and intervention instead. Behavioral therapy and diet intervention is needed in his case.

Apart from diabetes, dental cavities and whatnot, excessive sugar intake is also known to trigger hyperactivity in ADHD children, and therefore, I’m very, very concern about the sugar intake in his diet. I can’t afford my son developing sweet tooth and preference towards sweet food. So whether I like it or not, I have to control his sugar intakes in order to avoid him from being too hyperactive and out of control.

There’s two types of sugar. Natural sugar and added sugar. Both natural and added sugar exists in the form of carbohydrate.

Natural sugar can be found in fruits, veggies and many other class of food in the diet pyramids. Added sugar however are the type of sugar that’s used as additives, preservatives or taste enhancers in various food products, including children’s food.

If you see ‘sucrose’, fructose’ or ‘glucose’ on the labels of the food packaging that you bought, that means you bought food that contains added sugar. And if you see the higher contents of carbohydrate is dictated in any food label, that means the higher the added sugar level is.

Various children’s products such as cereals and growing up milk contains a lot of added sugar, and it’s been quite a headache for me when it comes to choosing the suitable growing up milk for the boy to drink.

Your children may not be ADHD children, but I’m sure most parents are also concern about added sugar in their children’s cereals or milk as excessive sugar intake can cause child obesity, dental cavities, diabetes, etc.

Well now, there’s a solution to that dilemma. At least, when it comes to choosing growing up milk for your children, that is.

Anmum Essential is now available with no added sugar. The newly improved Anmum Essential has absolutely no added sugar. Yes, the new Anmum Essential is a non added sugar product. So far, the new Anmum Essential is the only growing up formula in the market that has no added sugar in it.

Apart from being added sugar-free, also has 100% more DHA than the old Anmum Essential. It’s also fortified with various vitamins, minerals as well as ganglioside. The concentrated formulation also allows you to make more milk with less powder.

Check this out… the feed difference between the old formula and the new formula:

I cannot believe it at first, but the new formula actually lasts longer than the predecessor.

Now, I know children are rather picky when it comes to food and milk. I’m sure most of you are worried about the taste and how your child might respond to the milk, but I assure you, the milk still taste great. I think as parents, we all want the best for our children.

One of the best thing that we can give them is health. To give them health, we need to instill healthy lifestyle and healthy diet in them when they’re still young. We can start by giving them growing up milk that contains no added sugar. No added sugar in your children’s ​diet means less chances of them going obese, having dental problems or even developing diabetes at a young age.

My son used to take growing up milk that contains added sugar, but when I spotted the New Anmum Essential with no added sugar, I decided to give it a go. There’s no harm trying. I mean, the price is still affordable despite of the price difference. Besides, I know that feeding  my son with milk that contains added sugar will do him more harm than good because of the health issues.

The new formula is around RM10 more expensive than the old formula, but it’s worth it, cuz the new formula is much healthier, and have more servings in each pack.

My son did not exactly have any transition problem when I slowly introduced him to the new Anmum Essential with no added sugar. He didn’t reject the milk but adapted to the taste quite fast as it still taste great, but in case you decided to introduce Anmum Essential with no added sugar as a replacement for your child’s growing up milk and your child happen to have difficulties during the transition period, you can hook up with ANMUM CARELINE  at 1800-88-3122.

Alternatively, if you’re a Facebook user and feels uncomfortable about talking through the phone, you can also discuss your qualms in trying the new Anmum Essential with other parents and Anmum staff in their Anmum Club Facebook page. They have been really helpful in clearing my doubts when I decided to try the new Anmum Essential.

Be sure to spot the difference between the old and the new packaging when you buy Anmum Essential. The new one has ‘no added sugar’/ ‘tanpa gula tambahan’ written on the package.

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